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Lirax Legal Transaction

Search your Lirax Legal transaction, verify the authenticity of a document signed by Lirax, and proof the identity of a Lirax Identified Person.

About Us

Created by Alessandro Civati, we’re a new Blockchain Certification Eco-System, secure and trasparent. Cooperation and Social Interaction are the fundaments of our strength and our future.


Traceability of data due to digital ID which is attached to all users, directly in our blockchain to secure your digital experience


You can access our merchants’ offers directly inside your account. Services, Consulting, Real products are available.

KYC Compliant

Traceability of data due to digital ID which is attached to all users, directly in our blockchain to secure your digital experience

Fast & Free Gas Fee

Fast transactions, no GAS fee. Our technology allows users to work freely on the blockchain network.

Technologically Secure

ERC223 Ethereum blockchain with Proof of Provenance (PoP) protocol.

AML Compliant

We comply with the USA, Switzerland, and EU money laundering regulations. Proof of Identity is needed.

Stable Currency

LIRAX is a stable coin too. Soon we’ll integrate our deposits with European Energy Certificates and unique assets

100% Backed

LRX is always backed 1-to-1, by traditional assets held in our reserves. So 1 LRX is always equivalent to 1 EUR.

Full Ownwership

LIRAX holders will have full visibility over their digital ownership, that they can use inside our network.

What is LIRAX ?

LIRAX is a Blockchain Platform, specialized in Certification and Traceability. Our main focus is to create a “Smart World” of identified people, companies and Institutions for a great and Ethics World. With our technology, you can easily timestamp documents, trace the best supply chain for your needs. With LIRAX you can simply tokenize real assets and more!

LIRAX was formally founded in 2018 from the merging of different business sectors (Quantum Communication, AI Development, Cyber Security and Intelligence Services).

We believe digital technology and Culture drives us to the future. Motivated by this, LIRAX has been created to shift our traditional economy into the new 5.0 era.

Our Products

We are working to increase our strength on the local market too.

C. Sign

Crypto Sign or C.Sign is our Blockchain application specially designed to timestamp document. With C.Sign you can simply sign every kind of documents with legal value. Compliance with international legislations we integrate your proofed identity with the strength of the Blockchain.

A document signed with C.Sign can simply be sent to one of your business partners to confirm an agreement, timestamp, and Idea or a suggestion you provide to someone near to you or a lot of other applications. C.Sign is FREE, Create your account and start to use it!

G. Block

Global Block or G.Block is a unique Blockchain application that can confirm your role inside a Company, your Business Expertise, your mandate for a specific activity, and more! With G.Block you can create a unique team of people associated with your brand, or for a specific division of your company or organization, in a fast, intuitive and easy way.

Every time you add a person in your network he can legally proof his identity and his role. Once he doesn’t work with you anymore, the certificate will be still valid, but it’ll report a new message, like “Mr. ABC doesn’t work for us anymore”. The hash-code visible inside the certificate will confirm the legal date of this new message.

L. Trace

With L.Trace you can track your supply chain. For LIRAX a supply chain is not only intended for food but a lot of other sectors, like Documents, Pieces of machinery, Arts, Music, Furniture Design and more! Identify yourself, invite your Suppliers and Partners, insert your products, and sign each certificate. The codes generated are unique, trackable, interactive and “smart”. L.Trace by LIRAX is specially designed to be adaptive and easy to use.

With L.Trace you can take control of your information and your products, in every place. You can create marketing offers, or simply reduce the risk of counterfeiting. Know More about L.Trace in our main sector areas.

Our Presence

LIRAX is growing from the heart of Europe and now we have direct offices in more the 8 Countries. In the map below, you can find us, and look for our Academy and Strategic Partners.

Transform your business with Blockchain & AI

Disrupt your industry & power your startup with us.

LIRAX delivers the blockchain services and custom blockchain development that power real business transformations. Create new business tools based on revolutionary decentralized networks that change your industry forever. Build your dream on our blockchain services and consultancy or create your own network and run your business totally distributed and secure, with LIRAX like Main Partner.

LIRAX brings a great team of experienced blockchain developers to every project, working with our business partners to create custom solutions for Fintech, entertainment, insurance, and other industries. Access the power of the Lirax Eco-System. Sustaining our Partner we hold great potential, optimizing costs of development, and sharing revenue worldwide between us.

LIRAX develops industry-specific blockchain solutions for enterprises that choose us as a Strategic Partner. We put our extensive knowledge and experience to work creating complex, large-scale, and effective solutions designed to meet your industry and business requirements.

LIRAX could be your final Partner. A supplier, a consultant, a commercial… your Allie.

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