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Lirax is not a Blockchain

Lirax is the growing Blockchain

We are the first online platform that joins different Blockchains & Artificial Intelligence.
An exclusive hybrid environment created for Certification and Traceability, with ready-to-use solutions.

Join the future

Lirax offers advanced technological solutions to support more and more different realities and needs. We designed our project around people, companies, and institutions, who want to value their skills, reduce waste, and improve their efficiency.
The Lirax platform safely extends processes and applications, for the creating a new value.
We build opportunities on our technology's trust, which combines Identity with Time, with increasingly advanced smart-contracts.








Why Lirax

Lirax minimizes costs and risks among its users. We eliminate manual error processes and information redundancy. We split the job into a series of operating blocks in which privates, companies, institutions, and governments access blockchain technology and AI algorithms, safely and intuitively. We only work with identified private and legal entities, thanks to our exclusive Identity Analysis Platform (KYC Process). Moreover, Lirax' users do not have to buy cryptocurrencies to access the blockchain. They get their package and start the process, including tokenization activities.









Job & Training

We believe in education.
Without culture, no sustainable future can ever be available over humanity.

LrxCulture is our project to support schools, universities, and all educational structures. We offer students and professors free access to the Blockchain and AI, to support their cultural growth, improving their educational paths and their opportunities.

Culture is not only an education, but also Sport, Tourism, Art, History, and much more. Thanks to the various applications in the LrxCulture project, we enhance and trace the different skills with indisputable advantages for the person and the community. The Booklet (of skills, work, person) that objectively certified Resumes is online, ready for use. The Booklet validates certificates and all our other activities.


Press & News

We allow journalists, writers, photographers, publishers, and any other information professional to sign Pdf, Documents, Images on the Blockchain network.

A very intuitive procedure allows you to associate the professional’s identity with information, with a specific date, origin, and objective feedback. Be the first to use this incredible system!

Furthermore, if you wish to trace the news supply-chain, you can access our tailor-made traceability system for this activity. With Lirax.org, we fight the Fake News world.

BoD, Webinars, and Events

We can meet customers, friends, users, anytime and anywhere, with the video-conference applications. But how can we legally analyze an online meeting? How to avoid disputes about the training activities done? How can we guarantee our shareholders on a remote board of directors? How…?

Thanks to its technology, Lirax solves these problems accurately, evidently, and above all, simple. Thanks to the BOOKLET and TUTOR, remote activities can get absolute value and efficacy! A video call or a webinar can be easily tracked, with Lirax Technology. For the first time, each of the participants will be able to possess within their BOOKLET both the register of their activities and the certificates of participation in them.


Circular & Certified

LIRAX offers, inside its traceability platform, the shift to a circular economy with numerous benefits, the environmental one being foremost. The initial focus of the circular economy is to have a positive effect on the ecosystem and to mitigate the exploitation and overstress of the environment. It has the potential to reduce harmful gas emissions and the use of primary raw materials, increase agricultural productivity, and decrease in negative externalities such as pollution and waste.

Using the Ethic-Lirax, every local community can directly take immediate advantage. The Institution can optimize their strategies, and the local companies can optimize their business and increase the global market connected to their specific land.

Moreover, we offer the possibility to share and certify every connected document inside the LIRAX Blockchain network. The Benefits are multiple, like Reducing costs and risks; Sign, share & archive documents in a single & unique place; Tokenize invoices and activate Smart Contracts; Reduce the financial Risks to every transaction (national and international) thanks to our Compensation Platform… and more!

LIRAX is your final Partner, your Allie.

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