6 Common Security Vulnerabilities In E-commerce Systems

6 Common Security Vulnerabilities In E-commerce Systems

Do you know that online payments have increased tremendously in recent times? The increase in internet transactions has also been met with the same type and number of attacks. These attacks are simply in contrary to the protection of internet payment systems. 

A huge percentage of these negative attacks emanate from the weaknesses unveiled in reusable 3rd party materials used by websites. A good example of this action can be found in shopping cart application or software. 

Some other attack methods emanate from weaknesses that are evident in common website applications. This can also be in cross-site scripting, SQL injection and much more. Keep reading this content to discover some of the most common vulnerabilities in ecommerce platforms. 

SQL Injection:

The insertion of SQL meta-characters in your user login or input is referred to as SQL injection. This means that the back-end database will display the attacker’s requests in execution. It is important to know that fraudsters will make a determination to see if the ecommerce website remains vulnerable to this attack. 

These fraudsters will achieve their goal by sending a simple one-quote symbol such as (‘) character. The outcomes from this type of attack can be in the form of comprehensive error messages. It will help to unveil the back-end system that is used in the process. 

In fact, it can give the attacker the opportunity of gaining access to limited areas of your website. This is because the attacker maneuvered the request to repeatedly remain real to the Boolean value. There is every possibility for it to accept the implementation of OS commands. 

Buffer Overflows:

This type of weakness is rare in web applications such as ASP, PHP, Perl or even shopping cart. There can be a huge problem when unleashing big number of data to website applications. 

This is especially when the applications are unable to handle the operation. In the input sections, it is possible to track the PHP operations by sending a huge amount of data. 

Remote Command Execution:

When the CGI script enables a fraudster to implement OS commands, the worst website application weakness occurs. This is usually through the lack of proper input validation or verification. For ecommerce platforms, this remains the most prevailing weakness that anyone can experience. 

It uses the phrase ‘System’ word in PHP and Perl scripts. Shell metacharacters and a powerful command separator are great weapons to breakdown the security of ecommerce websites. With the advantage of the website server, the attacker may have the opportunity to implement commands. 


There is a plethora of reasons that make security weaknesses come up in online payment and shopping cart systems. While these reasons are not limited to the above systems, but their negative effects become tougher due to the huge visibility that websites have. 

The financial structure of the payments is also accountable for these reasons. The lack of having secured programming strategies on the part of web application creators is one of the major reasons for such weaknesses. 

Price Manipulation:

This type of weakness is basically focused on payment gateways and online shopping carts. When this weak occurs, the cost of the product on purchase will be placed in a secret HTML section of uniquely created web page. 

The cost of the product can be altered by the attacker through a simple website application in the likes of Achilles ref5. It is possible because the details of the payment can be found on the user’s browser to the end web server. 

Cross-site Scripting:

The end user is always vulnerable to this type of attack. The cross-site scripting or XSS ref 6 attack can be deadly when the enemy operates. When it occurs, the process usually leverages 2 major factors. 

1. The confidence the end-user has in a URL that contains the affected site’s name

2. The lack of output and input verification being performed by the web app


When planning to run an ecommerce business, it is important to consider the vulnerabilities mentioned above. It will help to keep your online business safe from fraudsters.

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