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The Brand

Our Brand identifies us, our employees, our management team, and our culture. It’s our products and services. It’s our pricing model, and it’s the way we do business. Lirax’s Brand is all of those things.

Lirax's Brand

LIRAX's Brand

Our logo brings together the origins of the culture — the Blue color, with its multiple nuances, and the double lines that compose it, symbols of the wind and the water.

The Blue, symbol of Harmony, Balance, and Stability, brings the changes of life in its nuances, respecting the Ideals, Values ​​, and Traditions.
The wind, like the water, is the soul of the world, which brings men throughout their history. From ancient Persia to Greece, from the Celts to the Aztecs, and again, from ancient China to the American Indians. They are the source of Creation, Life, and Passion.

Finally, the etymology of our brand “Lirax” comes from two parts “LIRA” and “X.” The LIRA, likes the boreal constellation, with the star Vega in the center, is the symbol of beauty and harmony; and LIRA likes the economic mark introduced by the German king Charlemagne. And the “X” spiritual and mathematical symbol, which identifies the light with the light itself, to achieve victory.

Brand Logo

The brand logo of the Lirax.org is a sophisticated yet straightforward logotype, based on the “L” letter, in multiple nuances. The logotype represents our team force commitment and passion in everything they do.

Brand Color

The Blue nuances used in our brand logo were created, especially for our brand. We are in a movement as the water to the air, moved by the wind. The Light Blue is the soul of us, the wind, and the intense Blue is the water’s energy. The two lines that compose our logo remind us that only in a team, we can reach our goals.

Lirax’s Brand Strategy

Lirax has adopted a new brand slogan, “Lirax. No Games. Just Blockchain” to indicate our commitment to become the most esteemed technological group with a global presence and a broad customer base, contributing to the prosperity of the world, Europe, and Italy.
Around Blockchain technology, we are adding the expertise of different worlds that will use the blockchain like the “chain” between them. Artificial Intelligence, Cybers Security, and Quantum communication are the area around our business.
All Lirax employees are committed to realizing the ideas embodied in our brand slogan, and together we pledge to all of our stakeholders to help Lirax achieve its vision for the future.

The Vision serves as the concept that forms the basis of all activities conducted by us, for the prosperity of economies and societies in which we work.

The brand logo of LIRAX is composed of two parts, in two simple colors, the Blue and the Black. This page describes our identity to understand us better.

A simple timeline where you can see the main Events of our Project, the steps done and the goals we’ll reach. Thanks for your help, belonging to our journey.

LIRAX is committed to the responsible use of resources and to reducing our environmental impact. 

The Lirax Alliance brings together our vibrant community of developers, enterprises, business and government leaders.

Our Legal office is at your service. Here you can find legal documents regarding the usability of our website and our products.

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