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Blockchain Signing System

We allow Musicians, Composers, Singers and more, to sign Pdf & Documents, on the blockchain network — a new and unique system for immediate access to the net.

A very intuitive procedure that allows you to timestamp and archive on the blockchain your crucial
information. Be the first to use this incredible system!

C Sign for Music
Faster, Unique, and Simple

We are glad to present you some case studies about the possible way to use C.Sign by Lirax, in your workplace.
You can find some impressive view on how it can be simple certify your process and confirm your credentials to all of your business partners.


When you create a piece of music, step by step, you can fix it on the net with C.Sign for Music. Your rights will be safe with a few cents.


When you contribute to the creation process of your teamwork, you can track it on the net with C.Sign for Music. Your economic value will be tracked too.


When you create words, step by step, you can fix them on the net with C.Sign for Music. Your rights will be safe and your economic value too.


When you arrange a piece of music, at the end of the process, you can timestamp your add on to the work, acquire value, and remove contestations.


When you mix a piece of music, at the end of the process, you can certify your work — the new sounds we’ll have a bit of you too.


You can save much time signing your contract here or simply protect a document for future contestations.

Interactive Certification

A transparent procedure that bring you on the new step of the Economy 5.0

An artist submit a music file on C.Sign for Music, and a first Hash will be immediately generated.
C.sign for Music aggregates the created hashes and submit them to the LIRAX Network in regular intervals. The new Hash is forever
embedded on the Lirax blockchain network, and it’ll be verifiable every time.

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6 great benefits of Crypto Sign for you and for your partners


The Blockchain time stamp is recognized from still more countries for time stamp proof. We are live, and our time certify your informations.


Our infrastructure allow you to sign in real time your file on the live blockchain. You just need an Internet Connection.


You pay for what you use. You can buy just a license, and save a lot of real money. No Cryptocurrencies needed.


A copy of your certified piece of music “could” remain stored on our network for future probative value. In this way, we start to be a certification authority.


With a simple interface “drug and drop,” you can sign every file, in every moment, in every place.


The Hash code we stamp on your certificate is safe and not replicable. It means it is unique on the network, and more, it is achieved on our system too.

Our technology brings you reliable information

Powered by Lirax blockchain technology, our signing & traceability system allows to your music process development, to open doors to your activity, tracing the path of your work and providing all the information needed to your client to understand the real value of your job entirely.​

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