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Case Study – Data Integrity

Case Study – Data Integrity

The growth in the absolute amount of data can be attributed to several transformative technologies. The developed or post-industrial economies have largely changed to service or information economies created by connectivity. This new “smallness” necessitates even more connectivity to keep everything functioning.

The web afforded us the ability to connect, communicate, work, research, surf and stream media at anytime and anywhere with astonishing speed. The advent of portable devices; i.e. laptops, smartphones, and tablets permits us the opportunity to work from wherever we choose. The reality is that we are tethered, more than ever, to our devices and our jobs. It is this connection to our jobs that creates great promise and opportunities while at the same time greater enterprise exposure and risk.

More than ever, there are multitudes of entrances into an organization, its systems, and arguably one of its most valued assets: data.

Your enterprise is more vulnerable than ever

We access our workplace through the front door each day and systems at our desks thru workstations and laptops. When you turn the lights off, set the alarm and leave your office, your door is still open. That open door is who accesses your systems and information whether it be via the laptop, smartphone and tablet. It’s as if the door is never closed. Firewalls and other detection devices are not faultless. Social engineering attacks such as malware, ransom-ware, sphere-phishing and malicious code insertions are just a click away from permeating your systems and data. And, it’s not just the outsiders that are of concern; enterprises must also concern themselves with malicious insiders, exploited insiders and careless insiders.

“No locale, no industry or organization is bulletproof when it comes to the compromise of data.” Those words from Verizon’s “2016 Data Breach Investigations Report” neatly summarized the cyber threat environment today. There is no immunity. This year’s wave of cyber crime statistics suggest that threats are well-funded, increasingly nefarious and more costly to victimized organizations. In fact, IBM President and CEO Ginni Rometty described cyber crime as “the greatest threat to every profession, every industry, every company in the world.”

How attacks are classified

Data Realities:

  • Data is an asset
  • Data integrity is critical
  • Data growth is exponential

Security Realities:

  • Information is under attack
  • Your brand is bound to your data security
  • Access points are proliferating – internal and external
  • Security will always be a concern – physical and virtual

Security Considerations:

  • Many organizations fail to have or fail to execute on their security strategy
  • The effectiveness of a contingency plan is commonly not known until it is needed
  • Many organizations fail to recognize malicious, careless and exploited insiders
  • Approx. 30% of malicious emails get opened despite increased training and awareness
  • Firewalls, screening and detection systems are not flawless – layered approach is crucial
  • Outsourcing and third party service providers present security challenges
  • Disparate data locations present unique challenges and vulnerabilities
  • Following a breach, proof of tampering, theft and corruption is a challenge
  • Audit logs are under attack by hackers to cover their tracks & hide what they have done
  • Compliance is a growth industry: expect more regulation and stricter enforcement
  • Understand your retention and encryption requirements

Data Storage Considerations

LIRAX Data Assurance provides a platform that provides document level content verification, immutable audit trail coupled with identity authentication. This allows for certainty in data creation and subsequent activity.

LIRAX has developed proprietary Blockchain solutions that enables our clients to create a permanent and independent 3rd-party record of any type of data, whether it’s an electronic medical record, image, contract, journal entry, email or any other type of data. Our audit trail solution logs the creation of data and the activity of that data going forward. Our Blockchain approach creates indisputable proof of the evolution of data to information and finally to fact.

LIRAX offers our Blockchain Data Assurance audit logs for both companies that choose to archive and maintain control of their data and for those who take advantage of our distributed archival solution. In both scenarios, the audit trail is independent, corroborated by multiple nodes, and provides a record of a “fact” at any point in time, ensuring that history cannot be re-written.

In true Blockchain fashion, each transaction that ledger logs is time-stamped and hashed by multiple independent parties to corroborate the event and the truth of the event, while only you have access to the underlying data.

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