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Case Study – Municipal Operations

Case Study – Municipal Operations

The case studies for using a blockchain-enabled IT base at local governments are virtually unlimited. The practice of secure and tamper-proof auditing only available via blockchain adds value to any transaction which involves personal or corporate data. Much of the data used by municipal operations belongs to residents within the government’s jurisdiction, which makes it critical to both protect and to rely upon for providing services.

Lirax.Org technology is used by local governments to log transaction data in a permanent shape, detect potential intrusions, and keep audit costs down.

Lirax Project team works with city governments to identify areas in which this technology can be applied in visible ways, which helps to increase the level of trust between a local government and its constituents. For example, the utility department of a state capital has applied ULedger technology to the billing process. This addition to their IT infrastructure is helping to reduce the volume of customer service inquiries and to reduce the time it takes to handle them.

Unlike many other blockchain solutions, the ones presented by Lirax Blockchain provides a permanent and tamper-proof record of any data and any file size, including access records, images, transactions, and email. It seamlessly integrates with existing public data platforms, creating an impenetrable audit trail, and never requires access to underlying data, so residents’ data is protected.

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