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LrxCulture enpower your knowledge

LrxCulture allow students and professors to touch in the reality the new technologies and the Blockchain in a particular way, as well as support their cultural growth, enhancing their educational paths and growth experiences.
Lrx Culture is cultural trasversal, allowing access to multiple sides of area, between the different techonological sectors of the near future, and on the other hand let you start to trace, and provide value, to the experiences of each of us.

LrxCulture is conceived not only for the scholastic or academic world, but also for all the structures that make and spread Culture in the full sense of the term, embracing neighboring and connected sectors, such as Tourism, Sport, Environment, and the Society in general.
Lrx Culture is a platform for young people and associations that promote the growth of citizens.

LrxCulture … is more!

LrxCulture was born as an international project and would like to aim to become a global point of reference in the coming years, where people from all over the world can share their thoughts, exchange their opinions and give value to their ideas.

The initial point of LrxCulture is the correct identification of our participants (KYC Process). In LrxCulture we are aware that words are important, though is the basis of our being, and respect for others is the principle of a great society. By accessing LrxCulture you act in the digital world in a clear way, and NOT in an anonymous way, your merits will be tracked, and your experiences recognized.

Thank you for giving us some of your time, we hope that together we will make a small contribution to everything around us.


Develop your analytical skills using the best analytics software and tools. We support students interested in learning and using LIRAX technologies through a number of popular programs, including free LIRAX software, free training, opportunities for recognition and more.


Help your students gain in-demand skills, and keep your own analytical skills at the forefront of the digital age. From free teaching materials, to valuable support services, to professional development opportunities, to free and low-cost LIRAX software options, we provide you with everything needed to teach a LIRAX course and keep your own skills sharp.  

Independent Learners

Not affiliated with a college or university? No problem. Sharpen your analytical skills on your schedule with free access to LIRAX applications. Use it for everything from introductory statistics to quantitative methods in self-directed learning.

Academic Researchers

Focus on tackling key problems and supporting your institution’s research priorities. We offer academic researchers access to powerful LIRAX Analytics to extract deeper meaning and insights from large amounts of disparate research data collected from multiple sources, in multiple formats – quickly and easily.

Unique and Innovative Solutions in Blockchain

Blockchain is included!

The services listed below will be accessible to all students and/or professors belonging to the Partner of LrxCulture project.

DiCult Sign

Secure System-Date Signature based on Blockchain Technology, for PDF and Images. DiCult Sign users can freely upload their files and affix on them, legal-date with their name and surname, legally valid both in Italy and instill more countries in the world. Individual users will have 200 uploads free of charge with a maximum size of 1Mb per file. Uploaded documents will be automatically in Private mode (Only the owner will be able to see them), however, the single user will be able to make them “Public” with a click, to make them visible to anyone on the Internet. The documents will be archived in the appropriate reserved area of the user, without expiration.

*, Request to your school the authorization code, to access for Free our Program.

DiCult Block

It offers the possibility to students and Professors to create identified groups in just a few steps. For example the art group or the research group. The promoter will activate a new Brand, in the specific section, and then invite the participants by email. In the invitation email, they will have a code to copy&paste in the “activate G.Block” button in the home page. The user will receive confirmation and link to his Blockchain Certificate of belonging. Once the project is over or if a user leaves the group, the promoter will give a certain date to the event with a single click only. All in a very simple and intuitive way. Endless functionality and implementations.
Individual users can create up to 5 Brands / Groups, with 100 members per group.

*, Request to your school the authorization code, to access for Free our Program.

DiCult Trace

Blockchain Traceability system for the identification of the supply chain and origin for: documents, papers, projects, music or anything else. When we talk about traceability, we at LrxCulture have translated this concept to intellectual works. For example, the references for a book, with a few steps, can have legal value and so you can protect your work. The documents or works, thus “traced” will be able to show their history with a simple QR, which you can make on the cover of your work, or paste where you prefer. Individual users will be able to track up to 20 Projects, including up to 40 Suppliers and 40 Project Partners each project, quickly and easily. Generated QR codes will also include GPS functions, in this way you can verify where they are displayed. This control function will be accessible in your private area.

*, Request to your school the authorization code, to access for Free our Program.

LrxCulture is more!

L.Cert: Your Diplomas & Certificates in Blockchain

L.Cert by LrxCulture allows the elaboration and management of Diplomas, Participation Certificates, Certificates of Frequency of various nature, and more! It includes the Issuer’s Identification and the time- stamp that fix the legal date on it.
The advantages of this service are multiple, like 1) follow the participants (in/out) to a course, simply using their Lirax ID; 2) issue a Certificate or add the generated QR to a Certificate you already have, and make it public so anyone can always verify it; 3) or more, (Student side) use the related QR on the Curriculum Vitae.

Cultural Credit & Lirax ID

This service can be used from all of us when we visit a museum, a theatre, a music event, a painting presentation or any other cultural structure we like. At the entrance, we simply ask to “scan” our Lirax ID, and automatically the system will “track” your presence to that Event. Access is unlimited and free.
Think for example how many curriculum vitae are “self-referential”. With this service and with your “Lirax ID” (a simple QR code) you will increase the value of your declaration with an independent proof, you can extract from your account and use it where will be better for you.

Inside your account, you can always keep a mark of the cultural (and soon sport too) activities you have followed, and at your discretion, you can share with those you want, today and tomorrow, simply.
This incredible service grows day by day with new cultural structures.
With our Ethics Platform, you can still monetize your passions with cultural credits. These Credits can grant you access to a special price to all the event you like, used to BUY something you need (inside DiCult Shop) or obtain free access to a lot of services.

Here you can check our Lrx Identity 

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