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Cyber Attacks On Critical Infrastructures Are Real

Cyber Attacks On Critical Infrastructures Are Real

Cyber Attacks On Critical Infrastructures Are Real:

What happens when the US is found in total darkness? Commerce will stop, many people dies and social unrest are what you experience in total darkness. When hackers and hostile players run the show, there is every possibility to see the destruction of critical infrastructures.  

Life will become difficult for people around the globe when hackers try to stop power grid from operating.  Cyber attacks have been taking place in security industry and also within governments.  The common way of helping hackers find their way has been through cyber attacks on important infrastructures. 

Large data technology networks are the backbone of the infrastructure and building sector. Critical infrastructure owners are currently using in-adept cyber defenses to act a security measure. With these defense systems, it is possibility to break through any barrier. 

Wicked online thieves can steam information from nuclear plants, railways and other crucial devices. In truth, hackers are constantly attacking critical infrastructures of all nations on a daily basis. In 2015, around seventy thousand people lived without power supply within Ukraine. 

The event is as a result of cyber attack that took place in the Ukraine electricity supply system. The US energy sector was not spared from the activity of these attackers as well. In 2014, the ICS-CERT experienced a total shake up due to the effect of this activity. 

In truth, this action reveals what the future holds even if it has no negative impact within the US energy sector. At the moment, the US is not freed from any further disruptive attacks from hostile players. 

In March 2016, around seven bad players connected to the Iranian government were captured by the USA Justice Department. The activity of these bad actors took place in the out sketch of New York City with a combined cyber attack against a dam.  

The same bad actors continued to lay assault on 46 key financial institutions. Without any iota of doubts, repeated cyber attacks have occurred on the USA critical infrastructures. About two hundred and forty-six cyber attacks occurred in the USA industrial control systems over a space of 12 years.  According to the ICE-CERT report of 2014, the story remains a critical one. 

The control sectors have little or poor security protections in place even while the attacks on critical infrastructures grow. The lack of adequate cybersecurity measures have been noticed in most critical infrastructure sectors for protection. This report is confirmed and recorded by the Government Accountability Office.  

A good example of these attacks is the United States of America transport system. To orchestrate a powerful action, the DOT has a plethora of controls and regulations. The huge problem is that at the moment the DOT has not proper cybersecurity measures. To date, studies have revealed that the IT systems of the DOT remain one of the best and most liable of the federal government properties.  

The chemical industry is another example where you can experience more cybersecurity attacks. The chemical sector has tough departmental regulations from occupational safety to environmental protection. The Department of Homeland Security has not been able to live up to its hype even with a plethora of tough regulations. 

Since 2010, cyber attacks have escalated even until now. Companies and facilities have the opportunity to handle cybersecurity controls. For this reason, they should step up their game to counter cyber attacks. 


It is evident that the assaults on critical infrastructures are real and factual. The examples above have proven that any facility can be attacked by cybercriminals. It is the duty of organizations and nations to step up their cybersecurity measured to defeat hostile online players.

Cyber wars are real and every nation should do everything to protect its people. Businesses should also learn new measures to protect customers from being hacked.

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