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ceo mex 01.2020 – Eng

CEO's message for January 2020 activity.

The first month of this year ended for our company in a positive way. We increased our number of users, more than 20%, compared to the previous month, and with the sign of new strategic agreements.

Choosing LIRAX plans is strategic for companies, schools, and institutions. They will be part of a team, which moves towards new and increasingly ambitious goals.

The selected Partners, our Allies, have shown an incredible desire to redeem their territory, including the desire to get involved. Thanks to them, we have launched a new offer of services, combined with specific advice. With this proposition of values, all our customers will access full power from our collaboration.

Respect the Italian market, strategic for us due to the high number of operations launched, the whole vision is extremely positive in multiple aspects. Strategic allies in Italy, such as in Rome in Lazio, or Cammarata in Sicily, make us believe that investing in the territory is imperative for our growth. In fact, by the summer, we will open at least two operating offices with permanent Italian staff.

About the global vision, the Lirax project has defined solid bases in America and the Middle East.

Finally, we announce, by March 2020, the testing of the “Gamma” phase of our evolution, focused on the “Lirax Blockchain,” that will be presented on the market the next September 2020. The Lirax Blockchain will be able to count on innovative technical specifications, to be compatible with the Ethereum Blockchain, and above all, count on at least 5000 specific nodes, distributed in over ten countries in the world.

Alessandro Civati.

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