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DiCultHer - Digital Cutural Heritage School

The Network School in Digital Cultural Heritage, Arts and Humanities brings together over sixty organizations including universities, research institutes, schools, higher technical institutes, cultural institutes, associations and public and private companies, with the common goal of giving birth to a widespread campus able to activate the elaboration of a training offer coordinated with the national system to build the complex of digital competences indispensable to the increasingly complex and heterogeneous comparison with the smart society.

International Civil Defense Support & Coordination Agency

The “International Civil Defense Support & Coordination Agency” is the structure in charge worldwide to coordinate and promote the activities of the International Civil Protection in its more general operations.

It is coordinated by civil protection experts from all over the world. Its areas of activity range from the planning to the implementation of every type of activity related to the support of the population. Specific attention to first aid issues, firefighters, local security services, as well as the supply of necessities. From the Geneva office in Switzerland, they coordinate activities around the world.

Lirax Alliance piselli

Piselli & Partners - Public Procurement Law Firm

We help our customers to solve, manage and prevent legal problems. We offer consulting services, provide assistance and representation in all administrative, civil, tax-fiscal, accounting and arbitration disputes, with particular reference to public contracts. We assist private and public companies, large, sme, administrations and public bodies in an international, national and local context.

Our vision is oriented to the future, with an Innovative Department specially focused on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. 

Only Italia
China you don't expect

Only Italia is a commercial and investment platform that supports Italian small and medium-sized enterprises in exporting to foreign markets.

Born in 2011 from an idea by Irene Pivetti, Only Italia is a network of companies that brings together about two thousand SMEs from various product sectors and spread throughout the national territory. Only Italia ARTS & CULTURE represents its cultural soul and supports projects of cultural exchanges, training, promotion of the Italian artistic and cultural heritage, to strengthen cooperation between Italy and foreign countries.

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AssoretiPMI - Reti di Imprese PMIAssociazione

ASSORETIPMI is the Independent Italian Association of Entrepreneurs, Business Networks, Professionals, Managers and Business Network Experts born of LinkedIn in the SME BUSINESS NETWORKS Group, created in June 2011 by Eugenio Ferrari, which today with vertical groups dedicated to Finance, Fashion, ICT, Construction and Agribusiness has over 40,000 members.

ASSORETIPMI works to create development opportunities both for companies and for professionals. The Trust & the Network are our principles and our believes..


celebreMagazine shares with its readers the charme of amazing properties, architects’ gusto and the allure of great powerful engines.

They strongly believe that looking for splendor is the best way to bring it into your life. That’s the reason why they keep on talking with people who live rounded by leisure and comfort. People who can really inspire us. We tell you their stories.

We regularly update news about soiree, events and dates you would never have missed. We disclose them to you.

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CRC - Dispute Resolution Chamber

Dispute Resolution Chamber of Italy, born from a long-standing experience of a great group of lawyers, most of them working in the Supreme Court, gained in the field of alternative dispute resolution. The initial project was joined by other leading professional figures in the legal, scientific and university fields: retired magistrates, mediation trainers, university professors, honorary magistrates, accountants, medical managers.

sta lirax alliance

STA - Security Token Alliance

The Security Token Alliance brings together diverse organizations working in the security token industry, creating an ecosystem to bring tokenized securities to mass adoption faster and with higher quality than could be done by entities acting in relative isolation.

The Security Token Alliance was founded in Tokyo, but has an even distribution of members around the world, with over a dozen members each in the US, Europe, and Asia, as well as members in Canada, Africa, and Oceania.

Fibonacci Consortium

Fibonacci Consortium

The Fibonacci Consortium is an executive team of subject experts and enthusiasts who are instructing the Blockchain Research and Development, Use Cases and Products and Knowledge to all of its partners.

Fibonacci Consortium creates an environment and raises awareness among businesses, enterprises, developers, and society by educating them in the Blockchain space. We are a multiple private organization working in a group and increasing Blockchain technology globally.