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G Block for Art Galleries

An effective system that can give new and different opportunities to the art sector. Create unique codes for each work exhibited, promote new artists and track their success.

G Block - Confirm your value

Simple, Safe and incredibly useful

G.Block is a “Blockchain ID” that confirms to the world the role of the people,
companies or parties with whom you work, or with whom you have business
relations. G. Block is a public certificate (or private if you want it) that your Art Gallery 
issues to a person, a company or an Art Product, whose validity is guaranteed by the Blockchain. With our time-stamp process, we provide you legal validity to all your certificate. Think the possibilities!

In particular, you can:

G Block for Art Galleries

Limited Editions

Create a new market, with exclusive and certify art products

Every work that you exhibit and promote can have a unique and verifiable code, always and everywhere in the world. You can create limited editions and confirm the uniqueness of your offer.

Promote your Place

Link the data of artists and their products to your art gallery

With our Blockchain ID you can easily and effectively confirm that an artist has been in your gallery or has exhibited his work.


Provide the engagement data in a simple form

Anyone who scans the QR code offered by us, generates strategic information for your work, increasing your value and your credibility, both locally and internationally.

Check out the Fans

Discover which product likes more to your fans

Thanks to the GPS tracking, and to the unique report offered by us, you will be able to know more and more about the most appreciated works promoted on the Web. A QR, a link, an extra value for you.


Confirm the identity and the role of your staff

Every person you work with can be certified by you. Nobody can pass themselves off as your collaborator, employee or artist, if you don’t want it. Make your Lirax membership known to everyone, you’ll be more stronger.

Manage Artists

Unique profiles for each of your artists with new potentials

Every artist you work with, will bring with him a piece of you, in order to be more and more valued as well as strategic for the development of your art gallery.



Protect your work with G.BLOCK

Thanks to G.BLOCK you can create with a few cents a unique code that protects, identifies, and certifies your work. The Blockchain is the new frontier of certification and you become the “Foundation” of the Artist you promote!

Archive... & Become Viral

Promote and share without Fears

Thanks to our process of identifying and storing data, you can 1) protect your work, storing it for future proof; 2) spread it all over the Net, always tracking the evolution of your audience.

Identify and Earn

Follow the interest, and grow!

Once the codes and links are activated, you will always see the customers’ interest in jobs and people. From there the step is short, identifying tastes and trends, you can only invest on the winning horses! getting even bigger!

G Block - Confirm your role

Simple, Safe and incredibly useful

As you can “confirm” you can also “Revoke” or “Modify” at any time the status assigned to commercial partners, artists, internal or external consultants, collaborators … accessing the public Blockchain, the new state registrations, will be assigned to the user.

G.Block ™ responds to current problems, and thanks to the correct identification of
the subjects, allows it to be genuinely strategic for your business.

Activating the platform is simple, and in less than 5 minutes you can access this service. Once your ID has been activated with G.Block ™, you will receive a QR code in vector format, which can be placed on business cards, photo books, flyers, window stickers, brochures …

G.Block ™ can change the way of your business, manage even more work, and significantly increase your reputation and credibility on the market.

Let’s go !

G.Block is part of the LIRAX platform

The complicated part:

First of all, create your account on Lirax! go to https://login.lirax.org
Select “Sign up” and then “Company.”
Enter your details and wait for the confirmation email.
Enter the system, enter your personal / company details (Update KYC)
Wait for your account to be confirmed.

The simple part:

Once the account has been activated, in the menu on the left you will find:
LRX Services + G.Block for Fashion + G.Block for Art Galleries…
Choose your package and get started!
The PDF Manual is available after the purchase of the package you have
chosen, both for the agency side and for your users.

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