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G Block for Fashion

An effective and unique system that can give new and different opportunities to your agency. Create a digital ID of your model, as well as confirm the identity of your collaborators and partners.

G Block - Confirm your role

Simple, Safe and incredibly useful

G.BLOCK is a “Blockchain ID” that confirms to the world the role of the people, companies or parties with whom you work, or with whom you have business relations. G.BLOCK is a public certificate (or private if you want it) that your Agency issues to a person or company, whose validity is guaranteed both by the Blockchain – with the time-stamps that give it legal validity in the world – and by the correct identification of all subjects.

Investing in a new face sometimes requires time and large investments, G.BLOCK helps you protect your both of them.

In particular, you can:

G.Block for Fashion (Agency side)


Confirm that a model works with you

Each Model will have a unique ID visible
anywhere in the world, with a simple
mobile phone. Your data will be
managed by you, with just a few clicks.

Promote your agency

Link Faces to your agency

Each New Face can be linked with your Agency, and the elements needed to contact you. Your agency will always be closer to the people you work with.


Simple engagement wtih few clicks

Setting up an engagement will be easy and fast. You can manage it remotely, and your women can immediately confirm or not it.

Check out the Fans

Discover the fans of your models

As the administrator of the QR you created, you will always have access to information on how many fans look at for them. You will be able to optimize an advertising campaign or know the places of your fans.

0 Disputes

Confirm Immediately, the job done

Each time the casting or an assignment is confirmed, the customer’s data will be linked to your agency. With our Blockchain ID you can create unique marketing strategies for you and your partners.


co-branding simple and strong

Every time casting or an assignment are
confirmed, the client’s data will be linked
to your agency. With our QR you can
then create unique marketing strategies
for your partners.

G Block for Fashion (Model side)


...with whom and where you worked

With the code you sent, you can easily
show your model status and the details
of your agency, as well as the book you
can have uploaded online.

Become Viral

Even more viral, even better known

Thanks to the integrity of the platform,
the models and models can become viral
in a simple way! Just share their photos
with the QR you sent them.

Track and create value

a QR and a smart phone, nothing more

At the end of a casting, or at the end of an engagement, ask the client to confirm your work directly on your Blockchain ID, with his engagement code. Your CV will be increasingly important!

G Block - Confirm your role

Simple, Safe and incredibly useful

As you can confirm, you can also “Revoke” or “Modify” at any time the status you
assigned to models, consultants, business partners … by accessing the public Blockchain
network and registering the new status assigned by you to the same user.

G.Block ™ responds to current problems, and thanks to the correct identification of
the subjects, allows it to be genuinely strategic for your business.

Activating the platform is simple, and in less than 5 minutes you can access this service. Once your ID has been activated with G.Block ™, you will receive a QR code in vector format, which can be placed on business cards, photo books, flyers, window stickers, brochures …

G.Block ™ can change the way of your business, manage even more work, and significantly increase your reputation and credibility on the market.

Let’s go !

G.Block is part of the LIRAX platform

The complicated part:

First of all, create your account on Lirax! go to https://login.lirax.org
Select “Sign up” and then “Company.”
Enter your details and wait for the confirmation email.
Enter the system, enter your personal / company details (Update KYC)
Wait for your account to be confirmed.

The simple part:

Once the account has been activated, in the menu on the left you will find:
LRX Services + G.Block for Fashion + G.Block for Networkers…
Choose your package and get started!
The PDF Manual is available after the purchase of the package you have
chosen, both for the agency side and for your users.

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