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G.Block for Charity

An effective and unique system that can give new and different opportunities for your charity programs. Create a digital ID that confirms the identity of your partner, and the donation they do!

G Block - Confirm your role

Simple, Safe and incredibly useful

G.Block is a “Blockchain ID” that confirms to the world the role of the people,
companies or parties with whom you work, or with whom you have business
relations. G Block for NGO is a public certificate (or private if you want it) that your Association
issues to a person or company, whose validity is guaranteed both by the Blockchain –
with the time-stamps that give it legal validity in the world – and by the correct
identification of all subjects

In particular, you can:

G.Block for Charity


Confirm the role of your teammate

Provide a legal certificate, to every member of your department. They will be able to try, thanks to a simple QR, their job and their role.


Confirm the Amounts you receive

At every donation, you can issue a certificate that guarantees the contribution you received, not just money, but also time or real assets.


Confirm your Volunteers

Each volunteer can have a public certificate, verifiable by anyone, as proof of their support. An important tool also for all Professional history.

Check out the Fans

Discover who follow you

Keep track of who follows you in the world, or simply in your city. A strategic tool for your planning and growth strategies.

Certify the projects

Provide a REAL proof

Each project you have created can have its Blockchain certification, providing unique and verifiable data of your seriousness (and you can also upload projects already implemented).


Link your supporters to you

Donors can finally have a direct and legitimate verifiable link, to their commitment to volunteering. Combine his name with yours, increasing your mutual value.



Prove your Status

Demonstrate, objectively, that you dedicate time and resources into your belief, keep track of the educational activities, you will do in this charity world, and provide even more value to your personal and professional profile.

Become Viral

Be part of a great family

Your Lirax ID will make you part of a world of certified people, who feed the real world of Volunteering, promoting Good Actions and ways of life.

Track your Project

Track the project supported

Thanks to the Lirax Blockchain tracking system, you can link your L.ID into the project you sponsored. With one click you can access all the important and strategic information about it.

G Block - Identity & Commitment

Simple, Safe and incredibly useful

As you can confirm, you can also “Revoke” or “Modify” the status at any time assigned to your partners, volunteers, sponsors … By accessing Lirax you can update and provide a real timestamp of the new status assigned.

G.Block ™ responds to current problems of the market, and thanks to the correct identification of users (KYC Procedure) allows it to be truly strategic for your volunteering activities.

The activation of the platform is simple and in less than 5 minutes you can access this service. Once you have activated your Lirax ID, you will receive a QR code in vector format, which can be placed on business cards, curricula, photos, books, flyers, window stickers, brochures …

G.Block ™ can change the way your activities, manage even more projects and people and increase your reputation and credibility.

Let’s go !

G.Block is part of the LIRAX platform

The complicated part:

First of all, create your account on Lirax! go to https://login.lirax.org
Select “Sign up” and then “Company/Association.”
Enter your details and wait for the confirmation email.
Enter the system, enter your personal / company details (Update KYC)
Wait for your account to be confirmed.

The simple part:

Once the account has been activated, select “Activate G.Block”, choose your package and get started!
The PDF Manual is available after the purchase of the package you have

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