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Today, identity
is the ultimate competitive

has been at the heart of our business since birth.

As a company
built on the foundation of Privacy by Design,
our client promise is that we are right on identity
and on the right side of regulation and ethics, too.

Providing the data
and technology that enable trusted connections between companies and people at the moments that matter most. Through our Blockchain technology, we offer solutions that responsibly connect data on people, devices, and locations.

Managing actionable identity intelligence continuously and collected through daily transactions. The interactions between users, customers, and Institutions are always updated.

Our Solutions

We maintain customer trust, improve ROI with updated and optimized records, offering higher growth strategies.

Customer Intelligence

Acquisitions, merged and integrated records, fractional identifiers, and the rapid change in consumer data leaves many CRM records inaccurate, incomplete, and outdated. Bringing that data together into a single view can be very difficult and expensive. It’s time to stop guessing. To ensure that the intelligence you use today is as good, if not better than tomorrow, you need a system in place to accurately manage, protect and actively repair the user records.

Whatever the state of the  consumer data, Lirax can make it better. We ensure the information about all the users remains accurate, even as customer data changes over time, allowing you to have a 360° view of your customers, our users, across all their activities.

Customer Identity Management: Proactive, synchronous management of users data to ensure your records are accurate and complete, even as consumer data changes.
Customer Identity File: One-time file transfer to clean, repair, and fill in gaps across your existing DB records for the best view of each user.

Customer Operations

Lirax has a unique identity and device behavior insights needed to enable our DB to operate more efficiently and effectively while reducing regulatory and brand reputation risks.

With Lirax you close identity record gaps and prioritize optimal contacts numbers and references. With continuously corroborated identity data with still more Partners, Lirax drives more trust to the entire Platform. Some of our features:

Customer Record Enhancement: Update system with up to six additional phone numbers per record, including useful attributes, and a lot of new functionality.
Data Behavior Intelligence: Generate more trust in your services and inside for your real life.
Contact Compliance Risk: We improve operational efficiency and mitigate the risk of privacy violations.
Outbound Risk: We reduce fraud and consumer friction via real-time intelligence on multiple aspects of the Identity information system.

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