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With Lirax KYC, you can securely connect between people.

We integrate an identity verification service for building secure, scalable, and smart experiences for your workforce and customers.

Start verifying in 3 minutes your ID, and the ID of your users, everywhere in the world.

...but, what is KYC?

KYC = Know Your Customer.

It is a procedure that takes place online to verify an individual’s identity. Meeting the KYC identification requirement is mandatory for anyone who wishes to be part of a safe Internet process. The KYC procedure is a simple online process of identification. To be added to the whitelist and have access to our full platform, the participant will have to go through it. Participants will need to provide a high-quality image of a passport or government-issued ID (No driving license). The procedure will take place online, in real-time, and in most cases, the results will be almost immediate. The KYC procedure will start before every activity inside the Lirax’s world. Lirax is implementing the KYC procedure to address concerns from specific countries regulators. Our team also believes that it symbolizes better business practice, and it is beneficial to all parties involved in the new digital world.


Just 3 minutes. It is the only time you need!

How to go through the Lirax KYC procedure
  1. Visit our official website and get access through your email address.
  2. You will receive an email from us to confirm the email provided during the registration and your unique user id. Confirm your email as soon as possible.
  3. Within the dashboard, you will be presented with the KYC and instructions on how to proceed.
  4. You will be required to provide a good-quality image of your passport or government-issued ID and a frontal image of you.
  5. Upon successfully identifying yourself via the KYC procedure, verified your email address, you will be automatically added to the Lirax’s whitelist.
What to do if the KYC identification procedure is unsuccessful
  1. Try again using a better quality image than before.
  2. Make sure that the image shows all the information contained in the document, and that it is visible.
  3. Use an original image, uncropped, and unedited.
  4. You may also choose to use a different form of ID.

The Lirax team thanks you for your interest and support. Together we will make the Blockchain history. We look forward to seeing you soon.

You just need:

You need a frontal image of you, like the one for ID or Passport. No Sunglasses or anything else does not let you see. Do NOT use the same image of your Document.

You need a valid document, like an Identity card or Passport. It should be visible in all parts, with colors, front/back.

You need a valid document, like an Identity card or Passport. It should be visible in all parts, with colors, front/back.

Driving Licence is NOT a valid document in Europe and a lot of different countries. So basically, we DO not accept it as a valid identification document.

The verification process usually takes a few hours (if all the information has been entered correctly).
If you submit it during the weekend, your request we’ll be processed the Monday.

It is simple, it is secure, it is Lirax.

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