Every product has its own history

L.trace allow companies to build trust in their assets and in their production chain.

The data offered by LIRAX helps buyers to choose your product.

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We make the whole supply chain responsible



Involve buyers of your store with information collected from suppliers throughout the supply chain. Real and reliable data, in real time.



Grow your business by investing in the things that matter. Lirax.Org supports authentic high quality products made with real people, factories and processes



Find out more about the things you buy. All items may be marked with the “Powered by LIRAX” logo and provide clear and transparent information to all customers and partners


Bring digital experience as your reward in the customer’s ecosystem

  • Bring new products by offering a digital experience in apps, web pages, stores and packaging.
  • Engage buyers by transforming your organization’s brands into interactive, smart badges.
  • Increase the visibility of your product with stories and data from the production chain, in a format that you can easily share.

The Lirax platform increases the visibility of your products Work with us

The Lirax Traceability platform is free for many organizations that contribute to making their production chains more sustainable, to strengthen the fair sharing of data between them and their customers.



Bring the data and content of the certifications on the edges of the shelves and on the sales support material.



Use sales dates and serial numbers as unique identifiers that connect end customers to certification data.



Use our plug-ins and API to bring data on sustainability standards into e-commerce platforms.

Do you want to offer these solutions to your customers?


Guarantee the integrity of the product by checking the individual phases that bring them on the shelves.

  • Connect farmers, manufacturers, dealers, auditors and buyers to collect and share data.
  • Link different sources of information: link the flow of products to the certification flow in one common and protected.
  • Make sure that the data are checked every time they are shared, with those on the blockchain: the new technology that brings a new level of trust to the web.

Companies And Manufacturers

8 out of 10 buyers in Europe want to know where their food comes from. LIRAX makes it easy for your business to bring reliable information to the point of sale, helping you build trust in your brand today and in the future.

Lirax.Org is for manufacturers and retailers

If you are a farmer, a producer or an independent store owner, LIRAX supports your business with confidence and transparency.


1. Sign up to join our project and get started, it’s free.


2. Once your membership is confirmed, complete your profile, and enter product information.


3. Share product information to your sales network, showing what makes you unique.


Increase trust on your brand

  • Share your project and your company values through an easy-to-use framework.
  • Open your production chain and show people, places and processes behind your products.
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Prove what you like about your brand and your products

  • Check the profiles of your company and suppliers, for greater integrity of your processes.
  • Turn your certifications into markers, supported by certain data.
  • Demonstrate your claims with data collected from your entire supply chain.


Show the trip

  • Show your social and environmental activity at every point in the chain.
  • Reduce risk by demonstrating the authenticity of your assets and proof of your claims.
  • Create a digital passport for each product, linked to lots or individual items.


Promote your customers’ experiences

  • Bring buyers closer to the stories behind your business and products.
  • Connect with new market segments, guiding them with new technological experiences.
  • Incorporate Lirax data online, and create custom experiences in apps, web pages, stores and your offers.


Increases brand interaction

  • Use interactive labels to customize the sales experience.
  • Give a new dimension to store involvement by linking physical objects with their digital stories.

How it works: L.TRACE uses blockchain, mobile and open data to bring verified information to the point of sale.




From TripAdvisor to Amazon – we are used to technology as a trusted broker. We use technology to mediate trust in your sales chain.



Our platform allows collaboration between manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and end customers: it collects the story along the whole chain.



Lirax.Org can easily be added to your brand’s ecosystem, strengthening your online presence and bringing a digital dimension to your product labels.



We give your product a digital passport to authenticate key information, stop false claims and help counterfeit.



Store the verified information in the blockchain, we provide unprecedented protection to the world’s most secure data system.



Our tools help you create meaningful relationships with customers who appreciate how you work and report to them.

Customers & Partners

Look for the “LIRAX” logo in stores to discover the stories, travels and emotions behind brands and products, online and in-store.


Look over the label

The products are more than it seems. They are the sum of the work, the history and the sacrifices of their creators. What would happen if there were a new digital dimension of products that would provide verified information about their producers, origins and ingredients? We have created this system to do just that.


Follow us online

Our online services provide a gateway to the stories, descriptions, rewards and standards behind the products. Look for them on our partner’s e-commerce sites.

Do you know an important online store that should communicate more, and maybe use Lirax Traceability?

Search for the LIRAX brand on products

We provide physical products with a unique ID that allows tracking of each item. Through the ID, you can access a protected digital history, along with verified complaints, enriched with content along the supply chain.


Discover the products with their stories

Browse products, stories and members in the foreground and close to you, wherever you are. Check the products you buy and contribute to the stories of the products you love. Very soon, you can use our powerful search tool to find products with a particular Lirax ID, ask questions and confirm supply chains that touch your reality.

NO Profits

L.TRACE strengthens the work of NGOs, auditors, certification bodies and control organizations for project sustainability, truly bringing the certifications into the digital age, and providing a simple system for sharing information of verified products.



Certificators, Supporting Bodies and Affiliate Bodies can use LIRAX’s tools to strengthen their programs with this technology.



Non-governmental and non-profit organizations can use our platform to collect and share data from partners and suppliers.



Audit, risk management and compliance firms can benefit from greater efficiency through our blockchain-based system.


Our technology brings you reliable information

Powered by blockchain technology, our Traceability system allows retailers and manufacturers to open doors to their products, tracing the path of goods and allowing customers to information..



L.Trace allows companies to confirm sustainability, as well as their company profiles and its suppliers, for greater integrity.



It transforms the certification marks into intelligent and informative Web links that present evidence and confirm the validity of the statements.



With L.Trace, data is recorded and verified in an extremely secure, accessible and easy-to-understand digital format for everyone, anywhere.


Accessible Information

Our platform allows the entire production chain to become more transparent and traceable. For this we use two types of data systems, enclosed in a unique interface. Our tools assemble images, identity and position to create profiles, products and product pages. Our traceability system confirms the identity and characteristics of the product within the monitoring areas along the supply chain.

Trust and transparency beyond certifications

Do you work in governance, auditing or any other organization that supports efforts for sustainability or fair trade in goods? You can take advantage of LIRAX platform by connecting with partners, securely storing key data on the blockchain and increasing the visibility of your work in customer-facing environments.

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The blockchain

Lirax.Org has built a traceability system for materials and products using the blockchain, a data system that securely stores information, intrinsically controllable, immutable and open. We are working on an open traceability protocol, which anyone can use to trace anything from coffee beans to a roll of fabric.


We connect the digital to the physical

With L.Trace, data can be linked to any physical product, through labeling, smart tags and embedded both on your website and in your apps. Take L.Trace wherever you are online and physically on the product.

An open and secure archive

Until now, centralized data systems were the only way to feed a material tracking system that would guarantee data integrity. Blockchain technology radically changes this aspect. We believe that it can improve the way we trace the extremes and the path of every real thing, feeding a system in which all members of the supply chain can be part of it.


Look over the label

Our vision is that one day, every great product, be it a bottle of wine or a pair of jeans, will be offered with L.Trace: accessible, reliable information on origin, travel and environmental impact. We have decided to build a network of honest companies and equip them with the necessary tools to demonstrate what matters most about their assets: from the origins of each product, to their impact on the environment and society.


The future is transparent

Over 70% of European millennials are willing to pay more for products from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact. When buying food products, 8 out of 10 buyers check their origin.


Use our digital tools to share the journey of your product and its impact on the environment and society.

Make your profile and stories accessible to give buyers confidence in choosing your brand.



The backbone of L.Trace is its system for tracking materials and products on the blockchain: public, safe and protected. If you need to prove authenticity or guarantee quality, our item-level monitoring is at the forefront.

It’s time for companies to compete on the things that matter most

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