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Lirax in the humanitarian sector

Lirax in the humanitarian sector

Blockchain technology is increasingly being used in humanitarian response around the world with humanitarian agencies, including the United Nations (UN), beginning to use this technology.

So, behind all the hype and jargon about blockchain use in humanitarian response, how does it work exactly? What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a common shared ledger that anyone can use without being regulated by any one party. In other words, blockchain is a decentralized peer to peer network where the record of transactions can be shared with other people and places. Blockchain technology can be continuously updated and verified by its users, also called peers, but other people who have access won’t be able to change that record. In LIRAX we manage this technology for supply chain management, identity management, data storage, financial inclusion, and other uses.

LIRAX Blockchain Platform can be used for digital information such as data transferring, e-voting and smart contracts. LIRAX cuts down third-party involvement, which in turn cuts down on fees and charges when moving money, which is why blockchain is currently mostly used for financial transactions. It can speed up money transfers, reducing the risk of fraud and of being hacked.

Lirax Blockchain Platform in humanitarian response

In humanitarian response, Lirax blockchain platform has the potential to be used for information management, coordination of aid delivery, management of crowdfunding, tracking supply chain, cash-transfer programming and boosting humanitarian financing. The technology can provide solutions to existing challenges in humanitarian assistance such as transparency and accountability.

Lirax blockchain platform can be useful in the provision of humanitarian relief, connecting suppliers of clean drinking water with helicopter pilots and scheduling deliveries at specific locations within certain timeframes. Through smart contracts, the organization can determine which offer is the best one based on community needs, triggering acceptance of the offer and setting in motion the delivery.

Lirax blockchain platform can also be used for:

  • Cash transfer programming: Lirax improves audibility through recording the life cycle of a Cash transfer programming and provides better interoperability in operations to aid organization;
  • Identification of refugees, stateless persons, and internally displaced persons. Lirax can help an ethic personal control to vulnerable populations and counterbalance data collection avoidance;
  • Land registration and titling: Lirax can resolve ownership disputes;
  • Health services: Lirax can ensure continuity of care and build interoperability between agencies.

All these services are provided by Lirax fo a better world. All the strategic development is provided by Lirax in support of the humanitarian agencies. We believe together we can change, in a better way, our world.

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