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3 Major Data Breach Problems

For people who live in the United States of America or breathe fresh air, chances are you will experience data breach. According to Equifax, almost one hundred and forty-three million Americans or half of the

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Types of Blockchain

Ever since the inventors of bitcoin cryptocurrency have introduced the concept of the blockchain, it has gained much popularity and interest in several areas like digital currencies, financial services, businesses, intellectual property, privacy, digital identity

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What is Bitcoin?

There are normal currencies like the dollar, euro, pound which have physical paper form and are used for purchasing or selling things. All these currencies are issued and controlled by their countries or regulatory bodies

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What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is the new emerging technology, and it has become a very popular trend in recent years. One of the reasons it became immensely popular is the concept of the cryptocurrency, for eaxmple bitcoin. This

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Crypto Currencies For Dummies

There is a huge amount of buzz is going nowadays on cryptocurrency. As, digital currencies, bitcoins, virtual currencies have been immensely popular terms on the internet. This is a guide for dummies or newbies, who

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Introduction to Blockchain Security Concepts.

Blockchain technology provides the number of security benefits in the financial tasks, communications, digital identity, and cryptocurrency etc. But, because blockchain is still in the development phase and growing rapidly by every passing year, so

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