More About Lirax

AN EXTRA OPPORTUNITY FOR OUR USERS. We are working to increase our strength on the local market too.



In today’s digital world, the ability to forge, delete or otherwise manipulate data is omnipresent. Organizations and individuals spend resources to protect and prove the integrity of their data to 3rd parties.

LIRAX Project provides trustless, independent certification of data content at a point in time tied to a particular identity. This certification is accomplished via Blockchain, creating an audit trail that can never be changed and the consensus of the truth of the content through multiple versions of the audit trail created among many nodes.

LIRAX Project can provide independent validation of the history of an organization’s data over time. We then provide the reporting tools needed to prove the integrity of data to 3rd parties, such as auditors or regulatory compliance agencies and during legal challenges. Here is our vision


Traceability of data due to digital ID which is attached to all users, directly in our blockchain to secure your digital experience


You can access our merchants’ offers directly inside your account. Services, Consulting, Real products are available.

KYC Compliant

Traceability of data due to digital ID which is attached to all users, directly in our blockchain to secure your digital experience


Fast transactions, no GAS fee. Our technology allows users to work freely on the blockchain network. More than 10.000 tx/minute


Based on Takamaka Blockchain with Proof of Provenance (PoP) protocol. We are the first blockchain based on Java.

AML Compliant

We comply with the USA, Switzerland, and EU money laundering regulations. Proof of Identity is needed.

Stable Coin

LIRAX is a complementary coin too, based 1:1 with €. The “Coin” is available inside our eco-system only. We are NOT traded.

Public Interest

We work to preserve the public interest, so we work for a trusted ecosystem with identified users and trust activities.

Full Ownwership

LIRAX holders will have full visibility over their digital ownership, that they can use inside our network.

A collection of advantages

Lirax allows our customers to easily incorporate blockchain into their existing data environment
  • Privacy: LIRAX does not require access to underlying data.
  • Security: Data is not shared among network nodes – for our services.
  • Compatibility: We are working to set up a real cross-chain platforms for the best worldwide interactions.
  • Scalability: Designed for enterprise data volumes.
  • Reporting: Dynamic reporting of multiple Blockchain proof.
  • Forensics: Data tied to the source. Creator + Data + Time.
  • Trust: Trust in LIRAX not required, our proof is mathematical.
  • Regulatory: Extends to regulatory uses cases.
  • Flexibility: Extends to any data format and file size.
  • Stateless Approach: Nodes do not require complete data history of other nodes.
  • Easy integration: Via open standards API, shared by us.

We reinvented the inner concept of the web.

Our Eco-System is Secure & Transparent, based on the best use-case technological solution.


3 minutes to activate your full KYC account, is the time need to access the full potential of our Platform.

Multiple Apps

Lirax integrates into the main code multiple blockchain & AI applications immediately available to every user.

Legal Value

Time Stamp functionality is integrated, and you can certify every activity inside the Lirax Platform.


Supports hundreds of Commercial Scale DApps – Inter-blockchain Communication


Freeze and Fix Broken Applications – Generalized Role-based Permissions – Web Assembly.

Secure Payment

You can work, trade, and made business easily, with our internal payment gateway.