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Blockchain Signing System

We allow jounalists, writers, photographers, editors, and every communication professional to sign Pdf, Documents, Images on the blockchain network.

A very intuitive procedure that allows you to associate your Identity to the information you reported, timestamp it and protect it with the blockchain technology. Be the first to use this incredible system!

C.Sign for the News World
Easy, Faster and Unique

We are glad to present you some case studies about the possible way to use our Lirax great instrument especially designed for the News Professioanls.
You can find some impressive view on how it can be simple certify your activites and confirm your credentials to all of your business partners. Finally, thanks to Lirax, we can stop the Fake-News.


Create, modify, integrate a News proving your work without limit, everywhere. You’ll need a smartphone and an Internet Connection.


Timestamp, geolocalize, and sign your activity around the world couldn’t be so easy. Be sure you were there? Your colleagues can integrate your signature!


When you create the articles, or write a book, you can “freeze”, step by step, your development and protect your job, directly online.


Multiple journalists, differents origins… collect the sources and sign them directly every News. You’ll protect your brand and the investments you made.


You can certify your creations everywhere. Post-production? Protect it too in few clicks, with your name and with the date you work on it!


Follow a News, Investigate it, collect a piece of information, and archive it with probative value. No more fake sources & fake news.

Interactive Certification

A transparent procedure that bring you on the new step of the News 5.0

A user submits its production on c sign for art, and a first Hash will be immediately generated.
C.sign aggregates the created hashes and submit them to the LIRAX Network at regular intervals.
The new Hash is forever embedded on the Lirax blockchain network, and it’ll be verifiable every time.

Are you ready to fight, with us, the Fake-News?


6 great benefits of Crypto Sign for you and for your Partners

Lirax Alliance interaction


With a simple interface “drug and drop,” you can sign every file, in every moment, in every place.


Once the license is active, you have no limits. Need more space, need more signatures, in a few clicks, you can activate what you need. Without any kind of Cryptocurrencies!!!


Our infrastructure allow you to sign in real time your file on the live blockchain. You just need an Internet Connection.


A copy of your certified work could remain stored on our network for future probative value. And with the original hash-code, it can be verified.


The legal value of the Lirax Blockchain time-stamp is recognized from still more countries. We are “live” and our time, with your L.ID, certifies your pieces of information.

Lirax Alliance confidance


The Hash-code we stamp on your certificate is safe and not replicable; it is unique on the network. And more, it is archived on our system too (in private or public mode, like you prefer).

Our technology brings you reliable information

Powered by Lirax blockchain technology, our Signature system allows to every News & Press professional to change the way of his/her work. Once you identify yourself on our Platform, you can start immediately. C.Sign is free in the basic version, and accessible everywhere in the world without limit!

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