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The Ethical Ecosystem
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A section dedicated to the main questions about the Ethical Ecosystem. Our aim is to support businesses and families by actively supporting institutions.

Here are some of the questions we are asked most often.
Thanks for being here and for your interest.

What is the LIRAX - LRX Ecosystem?

LRX is a unique complementary currency system in the world, based on Blockchain technology, which effectively integrates the traditional money circuit, providing an essential contribution to the solidity of the internal economy. In this way, the LRX system permanently strengthens the most critical success factor of the European economy: SMEs.

How does the LRX circuit work?

The LRX system offers to SMEs in Italy, Europe, and in the African Financial Community the opportunity to receive added value. This section presents a short and concise list of the main points. For further questions, do not hesitate to contact the LIRAX advice center.

Can I participate in an LRX network without being visible to other participants?

No. From 1 January 2020, the LIRAX network has been based on the solidarity and participation of all its participants. For this reason, everyone must follow the same rules, and transparently they are recognizable.

What are the rules of the LIRAX Eco-System?

The participants in the LIRAX Eco-Ethical System commit themselves to respect three simple principles:

  • LRX acceptance principle: Lirax participants accept LRX from other Lirax participants as full or partial payment for the purchase and sale of goods or services in the predefined proportions (LRX acceptance percentage as a percentage).
  • Principle of equal treatment: Lirax participants make their entire offer of goods and services accessible to all other participants, just like all other business partners, who do not pay in LRX.
  • Principle of price parity: Lirax participants offer all other Lirax participants (regardless of how the payment is split between LRX and EUR) the same conditions and prices, in particular by granting the same discounts and the corresponding reductions as all the others business partners who do not pay in LRX.

Can I track the activities done within the Eco-System?

Lirax participants always have a list of all movements in their LRX-based Ethical account. The primary account, for any specific purchase of services within our circuit, is an integral part of all our accounts. The primary wallet in LRX is used to charge e.g., commissions, expenses, and network contributions.

Tip 1:

  • Use the Main account in LRX for your payments within our circuit, or to manage and transfer LRX among our participants.

Tip 2:

  • Constant use of the platform and our circuit brings a continuous increase in the benefits on our SME network.

What amount of Ethic LRX can I sell?

Purchases and sales of Ethical LRX are prohibited. In case of violation, severe and strict sanctions are applied (conventional penalty of 15% of the amount exchanged, and at least 1,500 Eur).

Are participants in the Lirax Ethical circuit forced to accept Ethic LRX?

Sure. You are forced to accept LRX within the limits of the acceptance fee selected by you and published on our e-commerce website.

How the system charge the fees inside the Ethical account?

Lirax requires that costs, if applicable, be settled in EUR. The Lirax network only works if the LRX is circulated among the participants. If the Lirax Platform accepted the network contribution in LRX, after a short time, there would be no more LRX on the market, and the system would not work.

Is there a network fee?

Yes, all merchants pay a service fee between 1% to 3% of the turnover in Ethical LRX. Tha amount will be in EUR.

I have accumulated a large amount of LRX. How I use it?

We recommend:

  • Visit our Shop regularly. You will find many offers from other network participants.
  • Create a network of LIRAX suppliers. To know possible suppliers, you can e.g., participate in Lirax.Network events.
  • Use LRX for all expenses, both for the company and private individuals.

Contact our experts. For many sectors, lists of possible suppliers exist.

Is it necessary to have a EUR account to participate in the LIRAX network?

No. Lirax is not a bank. You will have an ordinary account in LRX. Minimum quantities can be requested based on the plans and products/services that you will purchase or to which you can subscribe.

Network contributions and any commissions are then debited to the main account.

Constant and continuous use of the Lirax platform will bring significant benefits to your business and all SMEs.

Can private individuals also access the Lirax Ethical circuit?

Private individuals can participate in the Ethical LRX network and pay using Ethical LRX if 1) their employer is part of the Lirax circuit; 2) if the municipalities where they reside, as a primary residence, have joined the LrxDOMUS Platform; 3) if they are students or enrolled in schools and educational institutions that have joined the LrxCULTURE platform; 4) if they are affiliated to the DiCultHer International network or the International Civil Protection.

How is used my network fee?

The network fee is used by our company to manage the network, improve it, and make it grow continuously. Furthermore, being a closed circuit, based on Blockchain technology, continuous investments are required in the field of IT infrastructures, Cloud, and Cyber Security.

Do big users have better conditions?Do big users have better conditions?

No. From 1st January 2020, all Lirax participants have the same conditions. Companies with high Ethical LRX turnover do not receive preferential treatment.

Are there significant advantages in the Lirax Eco-System?

Being part of the Lirax Eco-System brings significant advantages to all members of the network, such as. Additional turnover and higher remuneration.

The ability to meet new partners nationally and internationally is undoubtedly the principal added value of our Platform, with, besides the intrinsic possibility of saving and increasing turnover.

How does the liquidity guarantee work?

A valuable new service for everyone with liquidity problems in EUR will be activated by 30 September 2020. The service, provided through our Specialized Partners, will be centralized within Lirax, making all your requests immediate and confidential.

Can I sell my Ethical LRX?

No, the sale of Ethical LRX is forbidden. In case of violation, strict penalties are applied, with a conventional penalty of 15% of the amount traded (at least 1,500 EUR). Participants who do not comply with the rules are excluded from the Lirax network.

Can I buy LRX Etiche?

No, the purchase of LRX between users is forbidden. In case of violation, strict penalties are applied, with a conventional penalty of 15% of the amount transacted (at least 1,500 EUR). Participants who do not comply with the rules are excluded from the Lirax network.

Can I loan my Ethical LRX?

In principle, the mutual loan of LRX is prohibited. In case of violation, strict penalties are applied, with a conventional penalty of 15% of the amount transacted (at least 1,500 EUR). Participants who do not comply with the rules are excluded from the Lirax network.

Are the prices of the products sold in LRX higher than the market prices?

No, the principles of the Lirax network require the same prices to be applied in EUR and LRX. In any case, it is possible to report the unusual behavior of our participants by contacting our customer service or directly in our Shop.

Some prices that I have seen on the Shop are really high, is that correct?

The fixing of prices is up to the entrepreneur. However, according to the principle that 1 LRX is equal to 1 EUR, it is essential that the entrepreneur offers all his customers products and services at the same prices, in LRX and/or in EUR. Setting fair and competitive prices are the key to success. Then expressing your opinion on the participants of the Shop is important for an efficient and transparent environment.

What are the benefits of users like me?

By activating an account on Lirax, you undertake to respect the ideas and principles of our circuit. Also, you will be entitled to a whole series of Internet services with added value, an annual contribution in Ethical LRX, approved by our Board of Directors, in agreement with all the SMEs belonging to the Ethical Platform, and much more!

How does instant credit work?

The ethical credit is issued directly by Lirax, for an amount ranging from 5'000 to 100'000 Ethical LRX, according to the evaluation of Lirax alone. The Ethical credit in LRX is interest-free. Apply for your immediate ethical loan today.

Thanks to Lirax's ethical credit, you can pay even the most significant purchases in Ethical LRX. And maybe on a customer's next order, you can also accept a higher Ethical LRX fee.

Images on the Lirax SHOP - optimal formats and resolutions.

Formats and optimal resolution:

  • Articles - 3: 2 - 640x420px
  • Ads - 4: 3 - 555x418px
  • Profile picture - 1: 1 - 150x150px
  • Background image - 4: 1 - 1500x550px

Registration and login: why do I have to register?

To consult the Lirax SHOP, and view the companies participating in the Eco-System, including their articles, their adverts, and promotions, it is necessary to register and complete the KYC procedure.

Registration and login: where can I register and how does it work?

The registration process consists of three simple steps.

Step 1: choice of email address and password
Select "SignUp" on login.lirax.org. Choose the type of your user (Private / Company / Merchant), fill in the data, and after checking the general conditions and rules on the management of your data, approve the appropriate field. We recommend that you save them apart from your password. You can register on Lirax only through an Authentication code provided by your contact on our network. If you don't know anyone who has already joined Lirax, contact us.

Step 2: verification of the email address
You will then receive an email at the indicated address containing the access data, including your User Name, necessary only for the LOGIN. In no other Lirax application will you ever be asked for this code.

Step 3: login in the SHOP
Once you have logged in for the first time, and have provided the details on your identity, you can click on the "Activate Shop" user menu. Within 48 hours, one of our experts will verify your credentials, and a new area on the left menu will be activated in entry mode. Simple, Quick, and Effective.

Registration and login: why do I have to connect with a company?

To take advantage of all the functions of the Lirax SHOP, you must be a Lirax participant. For the SHOP to identify you which company you belong to our Eco-System, you must connect with your company. Only subjects correctly identified to the appropriate authorities can sell products/services, invoice, and accept LRX Etiche for payment. Private individuals can NOT sell Ethical LRX.

Registration and login: how useful is registration on SHOP as a company delegate?

Not only the owner of the company can use the SHOP, we design it with delegate functionality. These "Delegates" can take advantage of all the SHOP functions, such as activating private advertisements and purchasing items. The company account holder only needs to "confirm" the Delegate in the appropriate area. The Delegate must be an identified Lirax user.

Registration and login: what are the roles available on SHOP?

If you connect to SHOP with a company, the company administrator will decide the role that third parties can take on within their company account. Users with the role of Administrator enjoy unlimited rights in the management of the company profile and the SHOP.

The first connected employee automatically becomes an administrator. There must always be at least one administrator.

"Delegate" users cannot add collaborators, but can only carry out particular operations, such as adding/modifying products, modifying prices, changing the % of LRX accepted and much more.

Shop: Is LIRAX responsible for offers on SHOP?

LIRAX Platform and the Ethical Eco-System provide technological services limited to the technical infrastructure and advertisements, if any. The legal relationships between the buyer and seller of an item or service are not the responsibility of the Lirax Platform and the Lirax Ethical Eco-System.

Shop: can I purchase items from different suppliers in one transaction?

Yes, you can add items from different suppliers to your cart. At the time of check out, you must indicate the method of delivery and payment for each supplier and confirm any General Conditions of each.

Shop: can I place orders as a company and as a private individual?

Yes, you can place orders as a company or as a private individual. However, if you want to pay for some items for your company and some for private purposes, you will have to carry out separate orders, as for each, it is possible to indicate a single delivery recipient and a single invoice.

Shop: can I indicate different addresses for the recipient of the invoice and delivery?

Yes, both for you privately and for each of your companies, you can register different recipients of the invoice and delivery in the ordering process. During the ordering process, you can choose from the addresses already registered, modify them, or add new ones. In the next order, the addresses will still be available for selection.

Shop: which payment methods are accepted?

It depends on the seller, who can choose from various options to offer the most suitable solution for him. Among the methods of payment that the seller can provide are advance payment, invoice, cash on collection, or via Lirax PAY.

Shop: can an item be refunded without problems?

Each seller has their own conditions. It is recommended to read the General Conditions or contact him directly to clarify these aspects before purchasing.

Shop: what happens if I have successfully completed the order?

The seller receives your order with all the necessary details. Depending on the payment method chosen, the seller will deliver the goods directly to the delivery address indicated by you or will contact you to agree on the delivery method. In any case, the seller will send an invoice to the address indicated by you by e-mail.

Shop: can I shop if I am not registered?

No, it is not possible.

Shop: how can I change the LRX quota of an item?

The LRX acceptance amount is agreed with the seller, when the shop is activated, it is therefore the same for all items.

If you wish to offer a higher LRX acceptance fee for certain items than the general one, carry out a "Promotion".

The generally valid acceptance fee can only be changed by the company administrator.

hop: can I cancel a published article?

Published articles can be both deleted and archived.
A deleted item is permanently removed from the SHOP. Archived articles can be reactivated or modified, even later. Archiving is a useful function when you want to temporarily remove an item from the SHOP.

Shop: can the seller contact the buyer?

The buyer is indicated in the emails of the order you receive as sellers. You can contact the buyer directly via SHOP with "Messages" or directly by email.

Shop: advertising and promotions, how do they stand out?

SHOP advertising is a paid service with which you can highlight your articles or your company. Advertising consists of a "banner" and to display it at the top of the list.

SHOP promotions are free and time-limited increases in your LRX acceptance fee. Since articles, advertisements, and companies are often displayed according to the LRX acceptance fee, an increase in this fee allows you to obtain a better position. This best view is free.

Shop: Which devices present a better visualization?

The Lirax SHOP was designed to be seen by every new generation of media. The tests were carried out on iPhones starting from iOS9, Android, and Windows smartphones. Display problems on old devices or outdated versions of operating systems or browsers are possible.

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