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Are you a school, a training institution, a sports academy, an artistic/musical center? Or a museum, a library... Please activate your account. You can provide to every user of you the possibility to register their skills with your BOOKLET references.

digital tool

The BOOKLET is a digital tool based on Blockchain technology

Experience Tracker

The BOOKLET also keeps track of school experiences, jobs as well as the general and specific skills acquired


The history of the BOOKLET offered by Lirax is based on proved experience


The advantages of using the BOOKLET are numerous, in particular for workers in an employment crisis.

Validation of non-formal and informal learning is an opportunity launched from various European countries and actively promoted in European and international forums as a strategic element of innovation and optimization of learning systems for the enhancement of people and the development of employability.

Maximize your result

The Skills Booklet

  • The BOOKLET contains in a transversal and objective way everything we are and everything we have done
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