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Term of Use

Our legal back-office is in your disposition. You can find legal documents according to your use of our site and services.

Terms of use of the LIRAX.ORG service currently in force

The ultimate update is: 19 August 2019

The present terms of use consist of fourteen sections of eventual applications. The titles of the articles derive in succession by reference only and without limiting the field of every segment. Some terms capitalized (*written by upper-case characters) defined in some specific manner of section 16. There are further terms underlined which represent links to information correlated in the current usage of Conditions and on the site LIRAX TM.

Signature of Contract

By the moment of the service registration, User should read and accept all terms consist of the current Terms of use (updates included).
Modifications defined on the updates of the rules published on the page “Legal agreements” of the site LIRAX TM by the moment of services registration included as a reference on the current Terms. They will affect the specific terms according to the Updates of the rules.

Current Terms of use, latest different legal terms and communications obliged, correlated with the usage of service LIRAX TM from the client’s side will be published and will always be remained accessible for the client on the site LIRAX TM (in accordance to section Legal Field). Such information will send to User or to be published in sections of the website LIRAX TM or different relevant fields in Terms of service usage from the side of the User

The present Terms of use are communicated and stipulated with User in English. The versions eventual in English of the current Terms of use has only one informational scope. We are advising of coping the present Agreement (all rules included) for consultation.
For Service use, you need to have your Account on LIRAX TM.


The current Agreement is an important document which User should consider it by the moment of decision of Services usage. The User invited to read attentively the current Terms use before accept it. Agreement underlies some risks derived from Service usage and provides instructions on how to operate securely with LIRAX TM. In collaboration with LIRAX TM, a User should be considerate some risks and do reference to instructions furnished.

The User has an obligation to rétention and confirmation to all laws, rules and current legislation on the own jurisdiction by service usage understandable by a title of an article related to business regulated by law. The type of activity which must be licenced, also international business, regulations in the fiscal field or currency accounts transactions.

An User invited to take current and successive risks and terms important relative to services usage:

– The payments received by LIRAX TM Account may be refunded to one particulate date (in some cases till 180 days since the time of a transaction) if you are to take a chargeback, refund, complaint. It means that for some merchants, the payments received to own Account in LRX must be returned to the owner or refunded after a payment performed.

– L’utente può tutelarsi dagli eventuali rischi di storno del pagamento dal conto seguendo le istruzionicontenute nel programma Protezione vendite LIRAX TM e attenendosi alle istruzioni fornite ai venditori riportate nella pagina “Sicurezza” accessibile dalla maggior parte delle pagine del sito LIRAX TM.

– There is one essential requirement of identity for the program of Merchants protection – a merchant must send a code indicated on the page “Transaction details”. If an object of sending delivers to a person or if a merchant sends it to a different e-mail, the terms of the program of Merchants protection will not be performed.

–  LIRAX TM may to close, to suspend or to limit the access to Account or to Services and/or to limit to access or administration to safeguard LIRAX TM against eventual risks of rights and duties (look at section 10.2) in case if a User violates the current Agreement, including the Rules of agreement to LIRAX TM usage or some another Agreement with LIRAX TM. To avoiding some doubts, LIRAX TM may block temporary a User’s Account for violation of section 10.6 (Information and a User’s data).


– If a User is an owner of unique Account LIRAX TM, the Account has two functionalities diverse and separate: the functionality of payment and the functionality of reserve. The possibility to accept on your own LRX accessible on Account and to perform transactions from Account depends on functionality to wich suggested LRX in a moment determined.

In accordance with the current Terms of use:

    1. An element of Account which constitutes functionality of a payment named as ” Account’s payment”. Accounts payment represents an operating part (side?) of a Client’s Account by means of which it is maybe accepted to his/her LRX which may perform payment’s transactions;
    2. An Account’s element which constitutes the functionality di reserve named as “Reserve Account”. Access to a Reserve account forecasts restrictions and a User has not accessibility to own receipts and doing some transactions. The receipts on the Account will be marked as “Suspended”, “Not charged”, or “Blocked”.

–  LRX may be blocked by LIRAX TM for reducing the risks, in an example in the cases of receipts as a subject of:

  1. Account’ charge by means of bank transfer;
  2. Retard of precessing from the side of a merchant;
  3. Reserve;
  4. Payment’s revision;
  5. Payment’s blocking;
  6. Disallowed activity and actions derived from LIRAX TM


– If a Client wishes to open a bidding dispute in the Resolvent centre of LIRAX TM, need to do it during 180 days since the time of an eventual problem verification.

– LIRAX TM will exécute a payment’s order exécuted by a Client by means of his/her Account’s payment and will credit amounts to furnisher and/or another active User, to Network’s LIRAX TM intern during 1 hour since the time of sending payment’s order valid from a Client’s side. Such terms of exécution suggested with specific terms. The detailed information is relative to the exécution of payment’s orders descrived on paragraph 4.1 of the current Terms of use


  1. The rapport of LIRAX TM with a User;
  2. Account and amounts
  3. Payments methods
  4. Sending of LRX to an intern of the Platform
  5. LRX delivery
  6. Money transfer/refund
  7. Account’s closure
  8. Tarifs and conversions of a currency
  9. Disallowed activity
  10. User’s responsibility – actions which LIRAX may provide
  11. Acquisition’s protection by the care of LIRAX
  12. Controversies with LIRAX
  13. General
  14. Appendice A.. A table of tariffs.

 1. The rapport of LIRAX TM with a User

1.1 LIRAX TM is a unique furnisher of services.
In terms with the current agreement, LIRAX TM is a Sanngetall SA, with head office at via Angelo Frigerio 3, 6821 Rovio, Svizzera.

The general activity of LIRAX TM is providing services with Blockchain technology in particular to identification, certification and trailing of data. The description of general characteristics is a service LIRAX TM carried forward on the document “Information important” accessible to “Legal agreements” on the website LIRAX TM. LIRAX TM allows Users to exécute and to receive transactions inside the Blockchain-platform. LIRAX TM is an independent counter-agent with various functions. LIRAX TM has not any control neither it assumes any responsibility for the legality of products, services or documents, generated, acquired, exchanged, outreached and paid via the assistance of LIRAX TM. A User, after identified using KYC, assumes full responsibility of every use exécuted by Blockchain platform LIRAX TM and represents that LIRAX TM authorized to communicate and to transfer authorities and own identity documentations. A Client will be informed of the fact of risk operating with potential scammers.

1.2 Privacy
.Privacy security of a User is an argument very important for LIRAX TM. For better understanding a task of LIRAX TM in rispetto privacy dell’utente further to one correct outreach and use of personal data, to consultare via information about privacy (o Declaration about privacy) di LIRAXN TM

1.3 Cessation
A user may not transfer or sign some law or obliged assumed in according to these conditions without accordance written by LIRAX TM. A User does not exécute his transfer Account to the third sides. LIRAX TM reserved right for transfer and to assign the current Contract in som moment e without the prior agreement of a User. It does not affect User’s rights for Account’s closure according to cl. 7.

1.4 Communications with a User.
1.4.1 Languages.
These Terms of use typed in English. LIRAX TM will provide clear and understandable communication in some European languages. The English are the language by default.

1.4.2. Messages from LIRAX TM.

A User accepts that LIRAX TM communicates about information and notifications publishing them on the site LIRAX TM, included information reserved by Client. The website’s support gets in touch with a User via e-mail indicated at Account or by means of a telephone number, sending a message to Social Platform. Except for modifications provided by present Contract these communications are active 24 hours. E-mail messages sent must be delivered during 3 workdays. A User may request a copy of some Terms of use and accept to receive such disclosures (including the current Terms of use) from LIRAX TM, and LIRAX TM will convey these communications to a User in a form of archive and reproduction of information (in example by means of e-mail), via the electronic medium of communication contacting LIRAX TM in accordance to modality described in section 1.6. For sending a paper-copy LIRAX TM may require the payment by tariff relative to the enquiry of documentation (look at Application 1). LIRAX TM may close a Client’s Account (according to section 7) in case if a Client will retire his own consent for disclosure obliged of laws by means of electronic mail.

1.5 Communications to LIRAX TM.
The direct communications to LIRAX TM and relative to current Contract should send via ordinary post: LIRAX TM – Sanngetall SA, via Angelo Frigerio 3, 6821 Rovio, Switzerland.

1.6 Modifications of current Terms of use.
The terms of use suggested to modifications, eliminations or additions which may also concern on the tariffs and other accessible payments to User’s account (as specified on Application 1) (“Modification”). And these modifications will be notified through a publication of current version updated of Terms of use on the websites LIRAX TM. The changes will be executed ultimately by LIRAX TM and will take into consideration accepted by a User. LIRAX TM furnishes to a User a prior notification of 2 months before the modifications that will enter in vigour once after some time. The preceding period does not cover cases in which the change declined by law or concerned by additions of new services or last update, and in cases of the modification not reduce rights and enhance a User’s responsibility.
In case if a User will not accept the eventual modification, the Account will be closed — the closure of Account regulated by 7th Section (Account’s closure). In case if a User does not reject a modification e not proceeds to account’s closure during the two months, a modification will be defined as accepted by a User.
A User may close his Account at any time and free of payment, a User, continues to have a responsibility by LIRAX TM after the cessation of current Terms of use. Furthermore, a User needs to take into consideration for the vision of internal instructions of LIRAX TM described in section 7 (Account’s closure).

1.7 Fitness.
For being suitable to receiving services, a User must be a resident of one of the country indicated on the page “LIRAX TM in the world”; to have the juridical capacity signature to a contract and if in case of an individual must be of majority age. A User declares and ensures that opening one Account LIRAX TM not acts by a false interest of someone, that his Account’s opening not will be operated by any company. The Account newly registered must be personal.

1.8. The LRX Token
LIRAX TM improved the specific Token in Blockchain in a manner to pretend by internal instrument for access to Net Blockchain structure. LIRAX TM activates to every User three specific Account in LRX, they ere:

  1. An account in LRX. It is an account by which a User may use it to buy services of LIRAX TM Platform.
    Acquire LRX in accordance with modality described below.
  2. The Account of ETICS in LRX. It is an account used by LIRAX TM and/or by LIRAX TM’s Partner and/or by a group of LIRAX TM company, in User’s disposition. On this Etic Account, a User will receive LRX as a contribution, donation, support and/or another form, for acquiring products and/or services inside the Platform. The disposition of this account may be used by a User, but in an exclusive proprietorship of LIRAX TM.
  3. The Account STAR LRX. It is an account dedicated to Token activity regulated by specific Smart Contract which User may accept the signature of special Contract with collaborative companies with LIRAX TM. The current account will be used by a User for inquiring about binding LRX until one time defined, or will be used by LIRAX TM for binding temporarily of a User’s LRX in accordance to current Terms of use.

2. Account and amounts

2.1 Personal account, Business Account and Merchant account.

LIRAX TM offers successive types of Accounts: Personal, Business and Merchant. In according to Terms of use a User may have a unique account Business or an Account Merchant. To owners of determined personal accounts may be inquired to modify the category of a correspondent account (and in some cases, to furnish extra data to LIRAX TM) to capitalize of every functionality provided actually by Account. Opening one Business Account or a Merchant Account and accepting the current Terms of use, a User confirms to do not use a personal Account for own scopes. Opening an Account Merchant and accepting the current Terms of use, a User confirms to do not use principally for commercial scopes. A User accepts that his Account ha 3 sub-accounts: LRX, Ethic LRX and Star LRX.

2.2 Amounts.
The amounts of Account LRX by LIRAX TM represents the quantity of LRX accessible for payments in accordance with current Terms of use. If a User possesses one cent, LIRAX TM will not furnish any type of interest or other eventual earnings on LRS deposited. A User does not obliged to possess one cent fixed. An Account must possess sufficient sum of money to cover the import of payment (and tariffs for transaction in correspondence with LIRAX TM if it is applicable).
It is happening because when a User pays to other User, authorises LIRAX TM to transfer LRX Token from own account to Account of destinуу – always to insider of the LIRAX TM Platform, in every case in accordance with order payment and in compliance to terms of the current Terms of use. For achieving one cent on the Account, it is possible in accordance with current Terms of use:

  1. To accept payments and or receipts in LRX on Account from the third side, or

  2. achieve LRX corresponding to LIRAX TM an equivalent import. It is possible to do:

    1. transferring directly from its own bank account on account of LIRAX TM specified an own User’s code;

    2. using insidely of own Account the functionality of payment offered from third operators, who in example transfer money via credit card or PayPal;

    3. using Voucher il LRX released from other Users of the Platform.

2.3 Account’s information.
In case if an Account does not expose by limits, a User has full access to all information fields of his competence, including the chronology of acquisitions, about transactions executed in Blockchain of documents underwritten, about certificates released and how long it is accessible. LIRAX TM ensures that details of single transactions by means of Account’s chronology or to the contrary to receive communications through email.

2.4 Compensation.
A User accepts that LIRAX TM may to reduce eventual tariffs, costs or other imports obliged by a User to LIRAX TM or to other company of LIRAX TM group (included, without limits, cases of imports relative to service furnished from any organization of LIRAX TM group) from an Accounts in LRX of proprietorship or controlled by User. Shortly, the agreement of compensation allows to LIRAX TM to decrease such tariffs, costs or other imports quoted in this section from one cent’s Account in LRX controlled by User or in which a User is Account’s owner.

2.5 Due payments on LIRAX TM.
In the case of total import due outmatch the import of Account’s amounts, this last may show the negative number that signalizes import “netto” due to LIRAX TM.

2.6 LRX which strument of payment.
An User declares to know that LRX is a strument of valid payment inside of the Platform LIRAX TM only. And that’s not financial struments and/or something like. Accepting to transfer and to use LRX to insider of the Platform, User declares that will use it safely and get informed about resposability for violation of the current Terms of use and to every other internal rules of LIRAX TM.
If an User activates an Account Merchant, the same right to inquire the conversion of LRX on your account, directly on your bank account, intestated by him. An user declares that LIRAX TM adheres to receipt the amounts on bank’s accounts intestated to various subjects – owners of Accounts in LIRAX TM.
A User declares that eventual costs of exchange attached of your bank for receiveng data from LIRAX TM will not be able to diverse mode to take into consideration the cost applied by LIRAX TM.
An User declares that if bank’s account indicated on his LIRAX TM Account, is in currency diverse from Euro. LIRAX TM will not responsable at currency losses due bank transactions.

2.7 Guarantee.
For insure the respect to current Terms of use, an User allows to LIRAX TM the right to accept legally LRX present on the own Account and sub-accounts in LRX Etiche or STAT LRX, for eventual due imports of a User to LIRAX TM and/or compensations in favour ofgroup LIRAX TM company. In legal terms this faculty defines the right to retention and pre-emptions managing own Account.

3. Methods paymen

3.1 Connection of method payment.
A User has a faculty to connect and cancels connection of own Account in LRX on web-portals and/or operators who accepted LRX. LIRAX TM consents with a User to confirm data through the procedure di connection and confirmation (for Accounts), excluding other procedures which may be addressed to User by notifications.

3.2 Solutions of special payments.
A User has a faculty of disposing LRX present on your Account primary in LRX. In accordance with the Terms of use, a User may transfer his LRX to third internal LIRAX TM users.
A User informed that all the transactions would be tailored and subscribed on Blockchain.

3.3 Limits relative to payment methods.
Methods of payment will be limited in case of charge on LIRAX TM trough the websites determined or applications of third sides. For fees in favour of Account Merchant, a User may pay the cent in LRX pre-existent

4. LRX transfer

4.1Order execution of fees to an insider of the LIRAX TM Platform
Following current Terms of use, a User accepts that LIRAX TM follows orders of charge which a User disposed of through own Account in LIRAX TM. A User agrees that LIRAX TM accredits import to his counterpart appertained to LRX Platform during 1 hour since the time of order execution from User’s side and with retention from the part of LIRAX TM to one order of valid fee, in a condition that a User provides LIRAX TM how much follows:

  1. One identifier univocal or different details valid of the recipient or LIRAX TM User or fee’s beneficiary may reasonably inquire to a User to the moment of input of details for order execution of charge;

  2. all the data asked in relevant cash flows;

  3. details (if it needed) by a valid method of charge with the availability of a sufficient amount of LRX for providing a fee.

  4. User’s consent to authorise the order payment, inputting a security code activated in priority to a User.

The obligation of orders fee execution in LRX during an hour covers only payments proceeded between Users with Accounts registered on the Platform LIRAX TM.
Once User confirmed the import, beneficiary details, his PIN-code and after transaction confirmed, the same deal may not be revoked, excluding the case in which a User intends for one automatic fee, in a condition of that possibility to cancel it in due terms.

4.2 Order payment to another User.
Following current Terms of use, a User’s order payment for one payment to another User (private and commercial transactions) constitutes authorization into LIRAX TM for LRX transfer available on own Account of LRX. In a case of funds absence, LIRAX TM will rewoke operation automatically.

4.3 LRX funds insufficiecy.
LIRAX TM is not obliged executing of order payment in a case if on an Account no LRX. LIRAX TM will not perform an amount before an import of money.

4.4 Transactions rejected and reimbursements sent by a recipient. LIRAX TM may accept to a recipient of payment:

  • refuse a fee, or:

  • accept and to take advantage of Service offered by LIRAX TM for sending to a User instantly;

  • a moment, reimbursement if whole import or partially

An import of payments refused or refunded will be credited to User’s amounts. LIRAX TM will not be recovered on User’s amount during 30 days since the time of fee execution. A reimbursement received from recipient may require extra payment for a sender following to Terms of use.
The amount of import refunded may be more than the original payment. It happens if a recipient sends a reimbursement of amount inferior of import original (in example if a recipient is an Account Merchant, because LIRAX TM may not know how much amount available to User, from the side of a recipient). Also, in a case of partial reimbursements, LIRAX TM will debit from a sender a commission in LRX in according with how many LRX indicated, look at attachment A.

LIRAX TM is not responsible for eventual losses derive of recipient’s decision to reject or refund the payment to User provided correctly by LIRAX TM.

4.5 Delay of processing on a commercial side.
When a User pays to commercials determined (in an example, some commercial specialists who sell on Platform online) or for acquisitions determined (in an instance, purchases which should be sent to a User or may ultimately updated of commercial), concede:

  1. Authorization for commercial to recover the payment instantly through your Account in LRX;

  2. Authorization to LIRAX TM to pay for a commercial when he asks for payment. Authorization of User has 30 days period of validity. In case if a User has not any cent positive when furnishing authorization accepts that LIRAX TM may to block a payment’s import, temporarily indicated as “suspended” in reserved Account, until commercial will recover’ the amount

Authorization accepts commercial to modify import of payment before recovery of the fee (for eventual exchanges proceeding on an acquisition accommodated with a seller, in example additional tax, costs for dispatch, costs of shipping and other discounts). In determined circumstances, LIRAX TM might set up an import maximum per payment to furnish for a commercial that may be visible on the page of authorization of payment LIRAX TM. LIRAX TM may transfer eventual imports in succession to permission from the side of a User and receipt of instructions from the part of commercial following the question of import maximum stabilized and communicated from LIRAX TM for payment under consideration.

4.6 Payments pre-undentifind (also named Payments automatic).
Conceding an authorization in advance, for payments in LRX automatic:

  1. offer to third persons the possibility to refund payments in LRX from own account of imports fixed or variable, a tantum or by base recurrent (episodically, or regularly) (as specificated at significant details of relative Contract about debit automatic, the document which a User accepts during authorization;

  2. Simultaneously authorizes and instructs LIRAX TM to pay inf favour of third sides (or to a person indicated), due imports and inquired from thirds through LIRAX TM. In this manner, a receipt becomes a trust beneficiary for all payments executed and authorized on the Platform. The User accepts that LRX TM is not obliged to verify and confirm import asked by third sides in terms of the current type of payment. The User agrees that payments executed in terms of present article, variable and may be completed at any time.

A User uses the functionality “Payments in markets”, for executing preauthorized payments in favour of another User (some commercial), who agrees on payments through current Service, the User may authorize this third side selected in section relative to functionality. When the User authorizes these third sides, LIRAX TM may limit import amounts which the third side may ask from the User during a specific period.

Potential payment’s receipts who operate in terms of above said authorization who presents to LIRAX TM an inquire of fee in according with current Terms of use, insure for LIRAX TM that imports indicated accepted and authorized by the owner of LRX Account where provide deducts (including modifications of import operations). A payer will be notified in advance about deduction.

A User agrees on disallowance to ask a refund to LIRAX TM for payment in preauthorized LRX, excluding:

  1. the authorization is not specificating import in LRX, precisely of payment, till this presentation and import applicable will excel the import that might be lookn reasonably in advance, taking into consideration of previous costs models and circumstances;

  2. An accept payment executed by third sides, should not be furnished like disposed of in section 4.1 (e); or

  3. A User is not proceeding to information request needed for envisage of circumstances from the part of LIRAX TM. LIRAX TM reserves the right to ask ultimate information for following Terms of use in according to provide conditions said above.

4.7 Cancel of preathorized payments.
A payment preauthorized in LRX may be cancelled in every moment till one workday previous the day previewed for payment execution. It’s possible to cancel a preauthorized payment signing in into Account and selecting the options.
If the User uses functionality Payments in markets to authorize payment in LRX in favour of a User (some commercial) who agree on payments through the functionality, it’s possible to revoke the authorization following the steps to cancel the User’s selection reported in section relative to functionality, “Payments in markets”.


LIRAX TM may allow to some registered on the Platform LIRAX TM to payment execution. After integrating on the Platform or at own pages of online-payment, allowing to an acquirer (Account’s owner) for providing payment on User’s account, after that agrees on Terms of use relative to functionality that LIRAX TM will take into consideration of some site’s page or online-Platform LIRAX TM. Ultimate Terms of use include Terms of use LIRAX TM relative to local available payments methods.

5.1 Payments revision.
The payments revision in favour of merchants/sellers is a procedure furnished by LIRAX TM for determined control of transactions with potentially high risk. The procedure is active in cases when LIRAX TM has reasonable suspect about payment’s method and/or the acquirer’s Account may be used in a disallowed activity. If a payment in LRX is suspectable, LIRAX TM:

  1. will proceed payment’s order inquired by an acquirer;
  2. at own discretion, to order execution moment, will limit a payment’s method of an acquirer;
  3. will proceed the payment’s blocking, or will resort to reserve Account LRX of the seller;
  4. will communicate to the seller about delaying the expedition acquired by the acquirer;
  5. will proceed to payment’s revision.

LIRAX TM is not possesses of all data needed for providing money transfers until the moment when the procedure of payment’s revision is not completed. In a case of emerging a problem during the payment’s revision, the payment will be cancelled, and the charge is to be refunded to the acquirer from reserve Account of the seller. The revision of payment is a procedure to risk-reduce of transaction’s retention of high risk for Users LIRAX TM. The payment suggested to revision, not indicates control or an evaluation from the side of LIRAX TM about the object of transactions or about reputation, also of a side involved in the operation of payment, and without taking into consideration an abuse of respect relating to someone.

5.2 Chargeback risks and complaints.
The retention of a payment in LRX on a User’s Account does not equal to accredit of relative LRX. A User accepts transaction took into consideration, completed and received from the same User, also in case of a chargeback.

5.3 Complaints, reserving or blocking.
When receiving payment in LRX, a User is responsible for LIRAX TM for whole import, eventual costs of LIRAX TM and possible costs if the payment is invalid. Furthermore, other responsibilities in case of Chargeback, or complaint to a User who has no right to receive payment in terms of Program protection sells, a User is a debtor relating to LIRAX TM of an amount equal to or Chargeback, or to complaint and tariffs indicated at Attached 1 (included, if applicable, the costs of Chargeback). To regain the import, LIRAX TM will execute a receipt onto the User’s amount. In case if LRX’ amount on the Account is insufficient to comply with the responsibility, LIRZX TM will reserve the right to regain a debit exercising of payments deposited on Account and with another modality of refund accepted by User. LIRAX TM may recover due to import through legal mediums, included the title in an example, recourse to a society of credit’s recover. If a payment’s sender presents a request of Chargeback, will be a bank emitter of a credit card and not LIRAX TM.

5.4 LIRAX TM and an User’s clients.
In declarations or other public communications with clients, a User needn’t qualify negatively or reject the payment method LIRAX TM. In a case of agree with clients to pay with LIRAX TM, will process the label of LIRAX TM at least at a parity of the payment’s methods offered.
In a case, if on the User’s Account set up Tariffs for merchants, and in one of their market places, a User:

  1. prevents to clients LIRAX TM use;
  2. does not processing the label LIRAX TM, at least at a parity of the payment’s methods offered;
  3. applies an extra price to LIRAX TM use.

LIRAX TM may vary in a permanent manner the tariffs applied to a User in according with Attached A

5.5 Acquire of LRX in defference currency.
LIRAX TM may charge User’s amount, even if his money transfer diverse from the currency of the Euro. In this case will be available on User’s Account the course of currency applied from a collaborative bank, in compliance with an import in a foreign currency diverse from the currency of Euro, transferred from the User. The import received, will be credited on the Account in LRX.

5.6 Taxes.
It’s a User’s responsibility to overview national fiscal legislation and to pay all the needed taxes timely. LIRAX TM is not obliged to notify Users about their national (or federal) law and tax amount to pay in favour of the budget of their countries.

5.7 Refunds, payments refused, terms of the refund, data protection, Privacy policy.
5.7.1 Refunds and fees declined in LRX. If LIRAX TM in terms that recipient of a payment to refuse payment in LRX or to charge a refund in LRX of the amount to acquirer:

User only (LIRAX TM excluded) is responsible:

  • for legal and contractual obligations inside the country which resident he is;
  • reimbursement;
  • for a possible difference between the original payment’s cost retained from acquirer and import’s amount returned, excluding the cases if reimbursements are an invalid fee proceeded by LIRAX TM.

5.7.2 Terms of reimbursement. If User’s activity provides sell of products and services, LIRAX TM recommends publishing on your website the terms of reimbursement and privacy policy.

5.7.3 Data protection and privacy policy. User’s privacy policy must be clear and explicit and to describe all transactions on the Platform LIRAX TM suggested to privacy policy (or Privacy policy declaration) of LIRAX TM. A User is obliged to follow reasonable administrations for securing the protection of all the data and information LIRAX TM, including the data and information, belong to Users of LIRAX TM and the Company.

What about the personal data from LIRAX TM and Merchant concerning current Terms of use, LIRAX TM and Merchant are respectively owners of the processing. LIRAX TM and seller accept to satisfy the requirements of “Law concerning data protection” applicable to owners of precessing in merits to the furnishing of their services or otherwise concerned the current “Terms of use”. For doubts avoiding LIRAX TM and the Merchant possesses of the Privacy policy, warned against independent procedures, concerned to personal data in their possession and as independent owners of data processing (excluding owners involved in procession).

In respective of “Law concerning data protection”, LIRAX TM and the Merchant are obliged without limits:

  1. Deploy and maintain always all the measures of security appropriated in relation to the precession of personal data;
  2. monitoring all the activity of elaboration performed based on the current Contract; and
  3. do not do anything and disallow a suspectable behaviour;
    a violation of counterpart concerning to “Law concerning to data protection”.

5.7.4 Security. In addition to instructions of LIRAX TM described at the section 10.2, in a case if LIRAX TM detects about the existing or existed reasonable probability of violation concerning website security, or User’s systems, which may proceed to disclose of personal data, in this case, LIRAX TM may undertake some actions to request information relative to prevent eventual violations.

5.8 Blockings furnished by a User, following by instructions.
Some functionality of LIRAX TM might allow to User for authorization LIRAX TM with blocking his LRX (including payouts of payments received in LRX) also on his Account in LRX or transferring onto sub-account of User’s STAR LRX. In this case, LIRAX TM will show User the state of availability of the import on his LIRAX TM’s amount; state’s description may vary in one second of functionality used for applying the blocking of LRX. LURAX TM will remove the import’s blocking based on the instructions given by User (or through a company, authorized for Account’s managing) to LIRAX TM

6.Transfer/reimbursement of LRX

Only Accounts Merchant may transfer LRX from their Account LRX to their bank account indicated on their profile. Accounts Personal and Business will be able to accept this function only based on specific agreements executed with LIRAX TM and/or a company from LIRAX TM Group.

6.1 How to transfer/reimburse LRX.
LIRAX TM may allow transferring LRX to a User:

a bank account suitable (available), through:
transfer standard (this functionality of transfer/redemption)
denominated “transfer on bank account”) or
direct transfer on a bank account, linked with own Account in LRX.
The tariffs are available to these transfers are disciplined by Appendice A.
Using a bank account or a credit card User inquire an amount of his LRX. The amounts are in EURO (EUR) only.

6.2 Limits and terms
6.2.1 Limits of transfer/reimbursement of LRX. To implement reimbursement of his LRX, an User accepts to answer the requirements of identity verification proceeded by LIRAX TM, to reduce risks of fraud and to comply in respect of anti-money laundering or to other obliges of law. A User may review the limit transfer. LIRAX TM will be able to establish limits of import or other restrictions by their discretion to reduce risks of fraud.
6.2.2 Execution and planned time.
The LRX transactions from Account followed by temps indicated in section 4.1
Revision of transactions
LIRAX TM may submit to revision transactions to avoid possible risks and/or money recycling and for ensuring of disallowed activity (“Rimborsement’s risk”). In case if will be detected a risk reimbursement, LIRAX TM retains the right to limit the payment method of User and/or to refuse an order of payment. When a User notices to LIRAX TM instruction of execution reimbursement, LIRAX TM takes into consideration the operation as payment order postponed, which will follow during terms indicated in section 4.1 until LIRAX TM will detect that the risk of reimbursement has gone. If LIRAX TM removes restriction and/or proceed elaboration of transfer, a User accepts that data of order payment will begin from the workday in which restriction removed.

6.3 Removing of limit transfer in LRX.
For removing the transfer limit, a User must follow the procedure after that LIRAX TM will notify a User or will public as needed,

7. Account closure

The current Terms of use assume validity since the Account’s registration till Account’s closure, excluding the case concerned Terms of use LIRAX TM retains of the Account’s data in respect of the law and instructions applicable (the sections: 1, 7, 8, 10, 14, 15, 16 and Attached A).

It’s possible to close Account in some moment after sign in Profile>Close your Account following the instructions. For more information, resort to support LIRAX TM.

LIRAX TM has the right to close a User’s Account on its discretion with a notice period of two months. LIRAX TM may close an Account in a moment due to the reasons below:

  1. User violates the terms of the current Terms of use and/or LIRAX TM authorized to close a User’s Account following section 10.2;
  2. User does not sign in for three years;
  3. LIRAX TM suspects if happened an entry into an Account by a User not authorized.

In case of decision an Account’s closure, a User will receive the last notice to withdraw the credit from an Account’s amount.

For Account’s closure:

  1. suspected eventual transactions and amounts linked to solutions will be cancelled;
  2. software, systems (networks included and server used for furnish services will be cancelled);
  3. from LIRAX TM or on own name or services;
  4. a User will continue to be responsible on all obliges established by current Terms of use relative to own Account before the closure;
  5. LIRAX TM possesses the faculty to store an Account’s data on their databases;
  6. comply with legal obliges;
  7. LIRAX TM may freeze amount in LRX after the closure for a reasonable time against possible risks of chargeback, complaints, tariffs, fines and other attributes of responsibility. After that period, a User will be able to withdraw from LIRAX TM an amount available. For further questions relative to LRX resort to support of LIRAXTM.

Legal representatives of an owner of an Account deactivated should to resort to support of LIRAX TM for inquiring assistance.

8.Tariffs and currency conversion

8.1 Tariffs

Tariffs for a Users-owners of an Accounts LIRAX TM described at Attached 1. To avoid doubts one User with an Account LRX not registered in his own country, should correspondence to LIRAX TM in according with tariffs defined in Terms of use relative to a country where he/she registered. In case if would be applied other tariffs, for services or functionality not indicated at Attached 1, a User will find information concerned on websites LIRAX TM at pages where these services or functionality offered or furnished.

9. Activity disallowed.

Concerning the website of LIRAX TM, Account, or Serviced or during the interactions with LIRAX TM, other Users o third sides, disallowed:

  1. violate the current Terms of use, or additional agreement concluded with LIRAX TM;
  2. violate laws, norms, protocols or standards;
  3. violate copyrights, patents, marks, commercial secrets, or diverse rights of intellectual proprietorship, or laws relative to an advertisement, privacy policy;
  4. furnish false generality, false documents and/or incorrect documents in the case of Account’s activation;
  5. Use in improper mode the services of Certification and Trailing, violating the rules of User’s privacy policy;
  6. Furnish information or false, imprecise data;
  7. proceed to activate services of LIRAX TM for criminal activity;
  8. refuse from collaboration with surveys or to confirm your identity, or different information furnished to LIRAX TM by a User;
  9. attempt to “recover two times” or to undertake actions in the process of relative bid protest;
  10. use a proxy in electronic format, (in an example, with a post-office-box as address) or another mode;
  11. Control an Account connected to another Account used to follow prohibited activity;
  12. Manage own company or to use Services in a mode to create complaints, bid protests, chargebacks;
  13. Chargeback, payments, sanctions, fines and other causes of responsibility of LIRAX TM, different Users;
  14. Eventual third sides of the same User;
  15. abuse, in a role acquirer or merchant, of the process online-resolution of bid protests and/or of protection acquirements LIRAX TM;
  16. provocate to LIRAX TM receipt of a number excessive of complaints closed in favour of a complainant relative to an Account or to User’s company;
  17. Promote clients to present LIRAX TM as a financial or credit instrument;
  18. Use an Account and/or Services offered by LIRAX TM in a manner to arose in LIRAX TM or its partners, or group LIRAX TM companies some reasonable suspicion of forbidden activity;
  19. allow that an Account may have a negative amount;
  20. Comprise yourself credit and fraud risks;
  21. Interact with a low level of moral culture, also violating laws relative to the protection of personality;
  22. Sign-in into an Account from the un-authorized country;
  23. disclose or outreach to third sides the data and information relative to another User or to use the data for marketing without User’s consent;
  24. mailout to Users for payment recover payments in LRX;
  25. undertake an activity to impose unreasonable or fashioned overstocking of services;
  26. infrastructure, websites, software, or systems (eventual networks included or server used to furnish services) of proprietorship from LIRAX TM or own name;
  27. facilitate the outreach of viruses, malware and other programs which may damage, interrupt, to cause misusing, interfere a system, as well as to allow un-authorized to system, data, information or services;
  28. use robot, spider, or other devices automatic or manuals for monitoring or copying the website of LIRAXTM without any agreement;
  29. use instruments, software, or procedure for bypass the code, robot’s exclusion, interference, attempts to interfere on the site, software, systems (including networks used to furnish services) managed by LIRAX TM or from your name, services or use of services from a User’s side;
  30. copying, reproduce, disclose to thirds, to change, to modify, to create forbidden jobs, to show publicly or incorporate with some contents of websites by group LIRAX TM without prior agreement written from the side of LIRAX TM or of eventual third sides;
  31. undertake actions to cause loss of services output from the part of Internet providers, of data elaboration or other furnishers;
  32. send or receive LRX which may reasonably retain as potential fraud or not authorized;
  33. disclose the Account’s password to other people, neither to use a password of other users. LIRAX TM is not responsible for eventual losses suffered by User, use of his Account in LRX from the side of people different from a User following to incorrect use of a password.
  34. execute or avoid executing, or attempt to run, or avoid trying to accomplish, some action to interfere with correct Service functionality or by activity performed in the field of Services, or following different modality in according with current Terms of use;
  35. require or execute a money transfer to the owner of a personal transaction for performing a commercial transaction;
  36. use a Service for exposing to risk LIRAX TM without confirmation of standards of anti-money laundering, for terrorism’s financing and to other similar obliges;
  37. integrate or use services without respect all requirements forced, communicated to a User of our integration Guide or in Guide for developers, or in some other documentation publishing periodically by LIRAX TM; or
  38. suffer (or establish that exists a reasonable possibility to suffer from) a violation of the website’s security or of User’s systems that may provide disclosure of Clients personal data.

A User accepts eventual involvement in a disallowed activity described above, may expose the risk of secure access and/or use of the whole Platform LIRAX TM of Account or service in general, definitely and of other LIRAX TM Users.

9.2 Security of method payment in LRX.
A User accepts performing actions reported in succession to protect the security of own method payment in LRX:

  1. not performing any activity disallowed;
  2. preserve security in details of personal payment’s methods, password and PIN;
  3. reject to thirds to achieve or use features of own payment’s methods, password or PIN;
  4. not disclose details of personal payment’s methods, password or PIN excluding of services use;
  5. never type the password or a PIN too in a manner that in would be notable to anybody;
  6. never type the password or a PIN too easy to memorize it, in example a sequence of characters or numbers easy to guess;
  7. to be secured that nobody looks the password or PIN when using it;
  8. to be secured to disconnect from all the applications associated with payment on own device, and to be secured when using it for sign-in into an Account;
  9. avoid using functionality that saves and memorize the password or the PIN on a device;
  1. Keep the personal data of your Account updated. LIRAX TM may not respond to a User if he communicates through e-mail or phone number not registered on LIRAX TM;
  2. Undertake all the actions reasonable to protect device security through which sign-into an Account (including everyone who uses devices configured with PIN-protection and/or a password to sign in to the Services). In case if a User loses his device, must communicate LIRAX TM immediately and remove the device from the settings of the LIRAX TM Account.

9.3 Disallowed activity and authorizations.
There is nothing inhibits to a User in current section 9 to authorize thirds and to follow determined actions from his name, as indicated in section 15.9, in respect of licence terms and of standards in vigour.

10. The User’s responsibility – Actions to undertake by LIRAX TM.

10.1 User’s responsibility.

  1. A User is responsible for chargeback, complaints, costs, fines, sanctions, and for different damages, caused to LIRAX TM, to another User LIRAX TM or third side derived from the use of services and/or from violation of current Terms of use. The User commits to refund LIRAX TM, a User or a third part interessed for all damages mentioned above.

  2. Complaints responsibility, based on acqusition. LIRAX TM protection. Without prejudice to a different section of current Terms of use, in a case, if LIRAX TM detects a complaint from some worldwide acquirer registered in some place of the world, the User will be obliged to refund in favour of LIRAX TM the amount of complaint. The User’s responsibility includes the price of acquisition of a goods/service and the costs of delivery. The sell’s protection of LIRAX TM will be able to cover the responsibility of a User (look at section 11).

  3. Reimbursement is a User’s responsibility. In instances of accidentality, when a User is responsible for due charges to LIRAX TM, LIRAX TM will be able to withdraw immediately from the User’s amount in LRX (in case of availability). In case if LRX on Account will be insufficient to withdraw, LIRAX TM reserves the right to revoke the debit exercising of payments deposited on Account and with some different modality of reimbursement accepted by a User. LIRAX TM may proceed debit withdrawing through other legal mediums, also by appealing to a specialized company.

  4. Temporary blocking. If a User presents a complaint against a User, or LIRAX TM (LIRAX TM group included), LIRAX TM from their side will verify potential suspects about User’s activity, LIRAX TM will be able to suspend an Account in their discretion.

10.2 Actions undertaked by LIRAX TM.
In a case, if we will detect User’s disallowed activity, we will proceed with various actions to protect LIRAX TM, a third User, or the part damaged. The steps which we will be able to apply to:

  1. IRAX TM may at any moment and without any responsibility suspend, block, limit, close, or cancel the right of use payment through LRX or of Account in his wholeness or for som transaction single or specific, that may determine the suspension, blocking, limitation, closure or cancellation of the access into an Account or to the Services. As a rule, the suspension or cancellation inform a User through a warning;

  2. Blocking an Account and/or withdraw LRX on a reserve Account or on a sub-Account STAR LRX (included, without any limitation for a period superior to 180 days, if inquired from LIRAX TM, in confirmation to standards LIRAX TM described in section 10.2 that derive from a User’s accept about disallowed activity, specified at section 9.1);

  3. Refuse of transaction’s execution in LRX determine at any moment and for any reason with an exclusive oblige to be aware of refusal and motives relative and modality with that a User may resolve the problem, in cases when it’s possible on request if the law does not prohibit it;

  4. LIRAX TM will be able to cancel a payment alien to the Terms of use di LIRAX TM, or section 9, or to suspect of a reasonable violation.

  5. LIRAX TM will be able to disclose to thirds details relative to disallowed activity, in compliance with described in the Privacy policy;

  6. LIRAX TM may request to a User personal data or update the incorrect data furnished by a User;

  7. LIRAX TM may refuse to furnish to User Services in the future;

  1. LIRAX TM may withhold a User’s LRX to the extent and to the time necessary for safeguard LIRAX TM against eventual risks.

  2. LIRAX TM may undertake a legal activity in a User’s respect.

  3. User’s identity for sell’s protection and/or acquisition’s protection.

  4. LIRAX TM possesses the right to suspend, to limit, or interrupt access to the Services, websites, software, systems (eventual networks included and used servers to furnish services) of proprietorship managed from own name or a User’s data.

As described in terms of use, a User may not attempt or use Services of LIRAX TM, if his Account suspended or closed. A User should be ensured about all the agreements con merchants or thirds who perform payments in LRX launched by thirds (including fees pre-authorized) established from own Account will be annulated to the moment of cessation, suspension, or Account’s closure. A User remains responsible following to the present Terms of use, all the debits and other charges during the Account’s use, independently by cessation, suspension or Account’s closure.

10.3 Acess limited.
In responding to a possible access not-authorized to an Account of a User, LIRAX TM will be able to suspend or to limit a User’s access to LIRAX TM services. In case of Account’s access limit, a User will be notified and will have the possibility to require to access restore.

10.4 Payments blocking in LRX

  1. A User accepts that in case of:

    1. a payment receipt in LRX to endanger a transaction, or

    2. A risk level is exposing potentially higher concerning the current risk. LIRAX TM at their discretion and reasonably to implement a block to the specific payment in LRX or other eventual fees in LRX. In case if LIRAX TM will block present LRX on a User’s account, will notify a User about blocking duration; LRX will be transferred on sub-account Star LRX. LIRAX TM may require notification about User’s blocking through a third side authorized.

  2. LIRAX TM will remove payment’s blocking in LRX when will establish the transaction’s risk or an Account’s exposition is not exists more. Furthermore, if a User receives a bid protest, a complaint, a chargeback, or an amount’s correction on a payment’s transaction, suspected for blocking, LIRAX TM will be able to withdraw LRX in correspondence to amount, of reserve Account and/or Star LRX until litigation will be resolved in base of the current Terms of use.

  3. A User accepts to furnish in favour of LIRAX TM information that LIRAX TM will be able to reasonable request to establish if the transaction’s risk or a User’s exposure does not exist more. In case of objections relative to it’s blocking, a User has the right to close an Account. If a User’s Account closes by any reason, LIRAX TM has the right to block payment in LRX for a maximum period of 180 days following by current clause.

10.6 User’s information and data.
LIRAX TM reserves the right to request to User additional information different from indicated in present Use terms, to follow the laws according to anti-money laundering. A User accepts to respond a reasonable request of further information forwarded from LIRAX TM to the scope to comply with obliges against anti-money laundering. It may include the request to send a LIRAX TM through fax, email or other methods, documents of identification determined. A User accepts to furnish a LIRAX TM after the reasonable request, with own costs, the information relative to the financial situation and the activity included recent balance sheet (certified or of another type) and activity reports of a merchant, if available.

10.7 LIRAX TM actions disclosure.
The decisions of LIRAX TM indicated in section 10 and eventual other actions adopted in conformity to current Terms of use. That limit or extend an Account’s access to services, infrastructure, websites, software and systems (including eventual networks and server used to furnish services) of property, or managed from LIRAX TM, or from own name (included: blocking, limitations, suspensions, resolutions, chargebacks) may be based on confident criteria essential for risk management, it’s clients and/or service furnishers. Furthermore, LIRAX TM will be able suggested to restrictions or from the governance part, inhibiting to the disclosure of determined information. LIRAX TM has not any obliged to disclose to User detail of own risk management, or of privacy procedures, or private information.

 11. Acquisition’s protection by LIRAX TM

Payments and/or activity connected are all intended with LRX Token.
The LRX Token is not a currency or a coin, but it’s an instrument accepted between participants and Users of the LIRAX TM Platform, to facilitate their inside activity.

What is the acquisition of protection by LIRAX TM?
The program of protection acquisitions LIRAX TM is considered as a payment method. In conformity as specified, in the current section 13. The protection program of acquisitions by LIRAX TM is an additional service, and not substitute legal warrant previewed by the standards of consumers protections. Prescinding to the application of the program of protection acquisitions, consumers are legitimated to invoke own laws in conformity of terms of warranty of assets, conformity furnished by a seller. The program of acquisition protection by LIRAX TM is not incorporated with products or services warranty. There are no assurance releases.

11.1 Which types of problems apply for the protection?

1. The acquisitions protection by LIRAX TM applies in the next cases:

a) Receipt’s deficit of an object paid through LIRAX TM (the object is not received)

b) The object paid through LIRAX TM has been received, but “Considerably is not conforms to the description”. To look the section 11.8 for further information about signified “Considerably not conforms to the description”.

2. If the problem exists in a transaction not authorized of a User (in an example, a payment is duplicated or errored through functionality “Payments in markets”), a User is asked to signal the not-authorized transaction through the field of communications.

11.2 What requirements of identity for acquisitions protection by LIRAXTM?

All the requirements listed below are required:

  1. 1.The payment in LRX must reguard an suitable object and sent from an Account LIRAX TM of an User (look at Section 11.3 for further details about identity of objects);

  2. 2.transfer payment through a seller;

    1. for complaints of an Object not received for acquisitions executed: the section “Send LRX” on the website LIRAX TM clicking “Acquisition of merchandise or services” or the procedure of payment LIRAX TM by a seller or

    2. in case of complaints “Considerably not conforms to description” relative to suitable acquisitions executed”;

  3. Opening of an bid protest during 180 days since the time of money transfer, following the procedure of online resolution of bid-protests described in “How I can resolvethe problem?” in the section 11.5.

11.3 What types of suitable payment to receive a reimbursement in a base of acquisitions protection LIRAX TM?

1. Acquisitions of the biggest part merchandise and services are suitable (including theatre tickets, book’s acquisition or intangibles as rights of access to the digital contents and other licences), excluding of the next transactions:

a. acquisitions of immobility (included without limitations residential proprietorship);
b. corporate acquisitions of various type (included without limitations, objects or services partly corporate);
c. acquisitions of vehicles (included without limitation motor-vehicles, motorbikes, motorcycles, caravans, aircraft)
d. payments on the platform of crowdfunding and/or crowdlending and/or cryptovalute;
e. acquisitions of personalized objects prohibited following the Rules on the use allowed by LIRAX TM;
f. acquisitions of industrial machines used on production;
g. acquisitions of equipment for office or factory;

i. acquisitions of objects equivalents in cash (included without limitations, objects of value);

l. predefined, like cards gift and the cards prepaid;

m. acquisitions of merchandise and telephone services;

n. personal transactions;
o. bets, gambling;
p. payments for investments and financial products; 
q. payments in favour of state-owned enterprises, or of merchants managing through the mandate of a state-owned enterprise;

r. donations;
s. acquisitions of objects withdrawn from others on a User’s name and which the User indicates them as not received;
t. payments executed through the gold (in material form and as in intangible form);

u. accumulative payment of transactions.

LIRAX TM, may at own discretion to close automatically some bid protest, or complaint forwarded if has a motive suspect the transaction.

11.4 What level of cover offered by acquisitions protection by LIRAX TM?

  1. If LIRAX TM resolves a complaint in favour of a User, will refund a whole amount of acquisition of object and costs of original delivery.

  2. LIRAX TM will not refund to acquirer the costs of delivery supported for reimbursement of an object to a merchant or to a third specific by LURAX TM. LURAX TM may ask the merchant to present the documentation justified that the merchandise was given to acquirer. If a merchant presents the element of proving, LIRAX TM may to resolve a complaint in favour of merchant, also, if acquirer will support in absence of elements of decisive proves, and have not received merchandise acquired.

11.5 How I can to resolve a problem?
If it’s not possible to resolve a bid-protest directly with a merchant, it will be necessary to resort Cente resolution and to follow a particular procedure, described below.

  1. Opening of bid protest;

  2. Open a bid protest during 180 days since the time of transfer payment for an object to bid protest. LIRAX TM may decide to not accept a bid protest relative to the object in question and opened after the date of expiration of mentioned-above period;

  3. Conversion of bid protest in a complaint;

  4. If an acquirer and a merchant are not able to succeed an agreement, is necessary to convert in the complaint a bid protest during 20 days since the date of opening of a bid protest. It is a User’s responsibility of a User to verify and to respect these limits of time;

  5. A user needs to wait at least 7 days since the date of payment for convert in the complaint a bid protest during 20 days, LIRAX TM will close the bid protest and acquirer will lose fitness to payment following to terms of acquisition protection by LIRAX TM. In various cases, LIRAX TM allows to a client to modify a complaint after forwarded it, if he retains to add recent information or retains to change the motivation of bid protest or of complaint from “Object is not received” to “Considerably is not conforms to description” (because refused an unique payment). In a case, contrary, will not be possible to modify or to change the complaint after it’s the presentation.

  1. Timely respond to requests of information received from LIRAX TM;

  2. During of complaint’s investigation, LIRAX TM may inquire a User for furnish the documentation with supporting of own position. Will be able to arrive request of furnish received, valuations from thirds sides, verbal signs of police, or different specified by LIRAX TM;

  3. For complaints “Considerably not conforms to the description”, LIRAX TM may request to a User to resend an object to a merchant to an address received from LIRAX TM during the revision of complaint or to LIRAX TM or to a third side for own costs. In this case, an acquirer must be in a condition to furnish the Documentation of happened delivery;

  4. To adopt all the precautions of the case for reducing the damage risk during the new delivery. LIRAX TM will be able to require to destroy the object and furnish prove of happened destruction.

  5. Adottare tutte le precauzioni del caso per ridurre il rischio di danni durante la nuova spedizione. LIRAX TM potrà anche richiedere di distruggere l’oggetto e di fornire prova dell’avvenuta distruzione.

11.6 In what manner to resolve a complaint?

One time converted the bid protest in a complaint, LIRAX TM will take into consideration the final decision in favour of acquirer or merchant. Will be able required proves received, proves of happened delivery, evaluations from thirds, verbals from police or other documents specified from LIRAX TM for regarding a complaint.
LIRAX TM may ask the merchant to present the proves timely of happened delivery of merchandize or about services furnishing, acquired from the part od acquirer as in concordance with that last. Also, when the acquisition is no suitable for acquisitions protection LIRAX TM, AS FROM THE SECTION 11.3.a. If the merchant does not present these elements of proving timely, LIRAX TM may resolve the complaint in favour of the acquirer. If the merchant submits the prove details appropriate, LIRAX TM might resolve the complaint in favour of the acquirer. If the seller presents the proves timely, LIRAX TM may resolve the complaint in favour of the merchant also if acquirer retains for not received the merchandise. The final decision in favour of the acquirer or the merchant is on the discretion of LIRAX TM. It is considered in conformity with every criterion which may influence on it.
In case if LIRAX TM will declare in favour of the acquirer or the merchant, the parts must follow the decision of LIRAX TM. LIRAX TM may close for acquirer to transfer to the merchant the object reputed as “Considerably not conforms to description to the address furnished by LIRAX TM during the revision of complaint (with costs for account of acquirer) and LIRAX TM may request to a merchant to accept the refund of an object, and to chargeback acquirer for the whole price of acquisition, the costs are more than deliveries initial. If the merchant refuses to accept an object, LIRAX TM may conclude the complaint in favour of the acquirer, in condition if the recent furnished sufficient prove to LIRAX TM that the object is transferred to the merchant to an address furnished to the acquirer by LIRAX TM during the revision of complaint. In case when the complaint will be resolved in favour of the acquirer, the participants have not any right by reimbursement following to tariffs. LIRAX TM associated to the transaction in question or in any other tariff, debited (charged) onto Account LIRAX TM of the User from the third part, associated with the transaction (in an example, the tariffs debited from the Platform of a third party where a User executes his sell).

11.7 Coverage of the field

Payments recipients: as recipient of payment an User is responsible in conformity of LIRAX TM. in case of resolution of an complaint, in favour of acquirer through an Account LIRAX TM registered in some part of the world (or based on the Rules about acquisitions protection LIRAX TM of the country where the Account registered LIRAX TM of an acquirer or in another mode). The protection includes without limitations, cases where a User sells to an acquirer who opens a complaint about “Object considerably not conform to the description”. In this case, to a User is requested to accept a reimbursement of an object and to refund to acquirer the total price of acquisition the delivery costs are more. A User will not have a right to any refund for a tariffs LIRAX TM. If a User loses a complaint about the article “Notevolmente does not conform to the description” because to retain reasonable that refund of an object endanger a violation of the standards exist (in an example, measures against counterfeit), need to recognize from acquirer the total reimbursement. In various cases, LIRAX TM may request to an acquirer to refund an object to the merchant. In case of reasonably suspect, that entails about an article counterfeit. LIRAX TM reserves the right to notify of the instances of authority national or international qualified, who is to request to the acquirer to furnish article counteracted. Refund it to a merchant is impossible.
If a User sells his own products o services to acquirers around the world, he should read the Rules of acquisitions protection LIRAX TM of the countries where you are a resident. Acquirer

11.8. Che cosa accade se il mio acquisto non è idoneo a ricevere il riat happens if my acquisition is unsuitable to regain an reimbursement previewed by acquisition protection LIRAX TM?

And also it is possible to resolve a problem directly with the merchant opening a bid protest in the Center of resolutions LIRAX TM. To this scope necessary to open a bid protest in Center of resolutions during 180 days from the date of payment. After that, to attempt resolving the bid protest directly with a merchant. If the amount in unsuitable for acquisition protection LIRAX TM, LIRAX TM will not proceed decision in the merit of the complaint.

11.9 Excluding the right of withdrawal for consumers with remote contracts. Some examples are reported various examples not exhaustive in cases where an object is not varying considerably from the description (therefore, an object is not relative to the definition of “SNAD” (“Significantly not as described”, or “Considerably not as described” and is not covered by the Program acquisitions protection by LIRAX TM:

      1. Eventual defects of the object described in the insertion;

      2. The object is described correctly, but a User is not concerned to acquire once received;

      3. The object described is correct, but not satisfy the expectations of an acquirer;

      4. The object has insignificant defects and described as used.

11.10 Laws assumption

If LIRAX TM forecasts a complaint to an amount, a reimbursement or a chargeback presented from payment’s recipient, an User accepts to delegate or to assign to LIRAX TM some right in conformity of the same recipient. In legal terms it corresponds to do “delegation” or to “assignment” to LIRAX TM, at own discretion exercising of the rights directly or through the User’s Account, to own discretion.

11.11 Reports between the acquisitions protection program LIRAX TM and Chargeback.

The laws relative to chargeback associated with the credit card, offer a wider coverage in conformity to acquisitions protection LIRAX TM. The laws of chargeback are not limited to the specific amounts for a transaction, should be presented also after a term of 180 days since the date of payment and may cover also intangibles.

The User may open a bid protest or a complaint with LIRAX TM or resort to the bank-emittent of credit card, and to exercise the instructions of chargeback. Nevertheless, it is not possible to launch both the procedures together or to present two times the request for reimbursement. If an acquirer has opened a complaint or a bid protest with LIRAX TM and presents a request of chargeback to the emittent ob credit card, LIRAX TM will close the bid protest, or the complaint and the User will be exercised of laws by chargeback only.

If LIRAX TM not take a definitive decision about a User’s complaint, during the expiration of the previewed data by the emittent of the credit card for the presentation of a bid protest, and by reason of tardiness of LIRAX TM a User will regain some amount inferior in respect of total amount that was reimbursed, LIRAX TM will recover to an User the amount remained of the loss (minus amount recovered yet by a merchant).

Before contacting the emittent of the credit card, or to forward bid protection to LIRAX TM, a User need resort the merchant to resolve the problem-based in the terms of the item returned (if it present), reported on the website.

Remember to choose the resolution of a problem directly with a merchant:

  1. The User’s right to open a bid protest remain suggested for 180 days indicated in the section 13.5a. The User’s responsibility to verify and to respect the limits indicated in present section;

  2. If (as the part of the Rules for refund of merchandise or of other type) the merchant request to a User (and the User accepts) to transfer an object to a different address, LIRAX TM may establish that an object has not sent to the merchant as indicated in section 11.5d.

11.12 Double requests of reimbursement disallowed.

The User is disallowed to open a bid protest or to forward a complaint, neither to receive a reimbursement based on the acquisitions protection LIRAX TM if has received a reimbursement for the same acquisition directly from payment Recipient or from another third side.

11.13Tickets for the events.

In some cases, if a User acquires a ticket or pay the tight for participate (“Event”, through a payment Recipient who from an Account LIRAX TM registered in Great Britain, the amount paid will be refunded from LIRAX TM grounds of the User, in a mode that the relative interest of the amount remains at acquirer till the Event’s execution in a question.

12. Contradictions with LIRAX TM

12.1 Before all resort to LIRAX TM.

In case of bid protest between a User and LIRAX TM, the scope of LIRAX TM is to comprise and to resolve the User’s preoccupations and in a case if it is not possible to solve, to furnish a natural economic method to determine a bid protest quickly. Eventual bid protests between the User and LIRAX TM relative to our services may be signalised to the Clients assistance online in some moment through the link “Send us an email” presented on the page “Contact us” or “Help and contacts”, or by telephone on the number of Clients assistance indicated on websites of LIRAX TM.

12.2 Arbitration procedure obliged and mandatory.

In conformity of the current Contract the original head office in Switzerland, and accepts that the Contract will be governed following the laws of Switzerland, and/or to a description of LIRAX TM from other countries, and interpreted based on current documents, to prescind from the standards following laws conflicts. Head office is a jurisdiction exclusive for all the eventual contradictions that will be envisaged in Switzerland. A User allows to the personal jurisdiction of the Swiss courts and renounces to all the objections relative to head office chosen.

12.3 Accept that every contradiction will be resolved and accommodated in conformity the Terms of use and to the terms of the current section.

Proceedings of arbitration proceedings will be conducted in Switzerland in head office indicated from LIRAX TM. The arbitration process will be conducted in English, and for the User’s request and costs, the documents and testimonials will be translated into another language. Will be assigned single referee with the task to investigate and to resolve the contradictions selected by the agreement between all parts. Every one of the parts will sustain their costs and equal parts:
(a) about the costs of the arbitration procedure
(b) about the administrative costs of the arbitration procedure.
Nobody must disclose the information about execution, about the contents, or about the results of the arbitration procedure, before achieving the consent written for both sides. Arbitration decision must be registered in some court.

12.4 Definition of contradictions.

The “Contradiction” is some legal action, the claim or complaint, passed, present, or future, based on the Contract, prohibited, laws, responsibility for merchandise, assets, or other legal actions.
(a) derive from relative to this Contract or by other contracts between a User and LIRAX TM;
(b) between the other Users and LIRAX TM, derived from or relative to the Contract, or commercial rapports;
(c) between LIRAX TM and a User;
(d) corresponding to LIRAX TM or their affiliate businesses passed, or present, and their shareholders, dirigents, managers, employees, investors, furnishers, or to the portal LIRAX TM;
(e) relative to the products;
(f) related to the resolution of LIRAX TM on some other question relative to a User, or that derives to the LIRAX TM activity.

12.5 The formal acceptation.


13. General

13.1 Laws applied.

Current Terms of use and the rapports between LIRAX TM and a User are regulated by the laws of Switzerland, and the subjects relative to the local laws. Furthermore, in case if a User is a acquirer, in conformity to the contents of the Contract will not deprive of the guaranteed defence following to dispositions by his national law. In case of contradictions, follow the standards described in section 12 of the Terms of use.

13.2 Jurisdiction.

Possible complaints between LIRAX TM and the merchants associated with the current Terms of use, or to service furnish by LIRAX TM and not otherwise resolvable will be undertaken to the exclusive jurisdiction of Swiss courts in conformity with point 12.2).

13.3 Consumers.

Concerning to contradictions with consumers, postpone to section 12).

13.4 Nothing renunciation.

The circumstances that LIRAX TM does not act in a User’s conformity or by third sides, in the possibility of violations not provide the renounce to practice relevant law and not excluding the opportunity to interact with every successive o similar violation in a future.

13.5 Responsibility limitations.

LIRAX TM will be able retained responsibly, because of damages anticipation, caused directly by own violation of current Terms of use. In every reason, the responsibility of LIRAX TM is limited as it reported in the remained part of this section:

  1. In every purpose, LIRAX TM, our affiliated companies, our agents, furnishers and/or subcontracts will be responsible for successive types of loses or damages derived from or relative to the present Terms of use (that deriving from a contract or because of negligence):

    1. losses of profits, the current value of net assets, affairs, contacts, profit or financial savings;

    2. losses or data damages; or

    3. losses or damages that are not deriving directly from our non-execution by current contract;

    4. losses or damages that demonstrate in a direct mode that is caused by our absence of activity (independently by the fact that a User available to show the losses and the damage);

  2. Neither disposition of current Terms of use may limit the responsibility of LIRAX TM against the fraud, or false declarations, negligence, and intentional incorrect behaviour. In a case the death, personal leisure, caused by our negligence, by our subcontracts, within limits following by the law.

13.6Warrant absence.

LURAX TM furnish to a User services, infrastructure, websites, software, and the systems (included networks and server used for furnish services of LIRAX TM), managed by LIRAX TM or interacted by own name in respect of the law, but without any warranty or condition expressed or implicit, furthermore not indicated specifically in current Terms of use. LIRAX TM does not have any control of products and services paid through the Platform and may not ensure that acquirer or the merchant executes the transaction or will be authorized to do it. LIRAX TM is not ensured to User stable access, not interrupted or secured in own services, infrastructure, websites, software, or systems. LIRAX TM will not be responsible for possible retardments or dysfunctions in services, infrastructure, websites, software, or systems of own proprietorship or managed by LIRAX TM or my own name. A User accepts that the access to the services, infrastructure, websites, software and to systems (including networks and servers used to furnish services by LIRAX TM) managed by LIRAX TM or interacted by own name, accidentally may be blocked to allow an execution of activity related to updates, maintenance, or introduction of new functionality and services. It’s necessary to verify attentively own correspondence and to notify timely to LIRAX TM about possible circumstances or any suspectable events.
In case when LIRAX TM will decide to interrupt services or some part of functionality by any reason, a User will be notified at least in 2 months in advance before the interruption of the service or functionality, until LIRAX TM will not establish to own opinion and in good faith:
1)The services or functionality need to be interrupted in the conformity to the laws or to the rapports with third parts;
2)this action may be caused by risks of security. A User as a person has obliged to comprise and to respect all the laws, the rules to security.

13.7 Indemnity/reimbursement.

A User accepts to defend, to refund or to compensate LIRAX TM. To maintain LIRAX TM, the other companies of the group, people who work for LIRAX TM, or who authorized to interact with an Account of LIRAX TM, or that authorized to manage through an Account of LIRAX TM (including without any limitations, furnishers of the services). LIRAX TM concerns to complaint or request (the legal costs are included). It is executed or sustained from the actions and/or inactions of the third sides, employees and agents (or other parts of third sides which interact through a User’s Account and with own authorization). In violation of current Terms of use, of an Account LIRAX TM or of services, infrastructure, websites, software or systems (included possible networks or servers used to furnish services), of LIRAX TM proprietorship or managed by own name.

13.8 The full contract and rights of third sides.

The current Terms of use (all the attaches are included), are incorporating an agreement completed between a User and LIRAX TM in conformity of services. If any disposition of current Terms of use were retained or invalid, or inapplicable, it would be cancelled. Furthermore, the dispositions remained will be concerned as valid.

13.9 Intellectual proprietorship. The licence’ concession of software.

If a User uses the software LIRAX TM through API, instruments for developers or other applications, that may include the software furnished or integrated with software, systems or services of furnishers by services of LIRAX TM, downloaded, or otherwise achieved through the desktop, or any device. LIRAX TM and its Clients concede to a User licence revocable not transferable, not suggested to royalty and limited to sign in and/or to use the software of LIRAX TM in conformity to the documentation, all the updates and new versions are included. A User may not lend or to sell in a different mode to third sides his own right relative to the software. A User must respect requirements of implementation, access and contents in all documentation.
In a case of violation, the instructions, requisitions in implementation of a usage established by LIRAX TM. A User will be responsible for all the damage retained by a User, from LIRAX TM or the third sides. LIRAX TM may update or to interrupt some software, sending a notification before.
The rights of LIRAX TM:
to integrate determined material and technology of the third parts in any web or desktop application, including the own software, and/or
sign in and to use specified materials and technologies of the third sides to facilitate furnish services.
A User may not modify, to change, to monitor, to copy, to reproduce, to adopt, to distribute, to visualize, to publish, to decode, to translate, to disassemble, to decompile, or to manage intentionally to damage to someone.

13.10 Intellectual proprietorship – Licence concession.

1. Licences conceded by LIRAX TM.

Logo and identifications of services: URL of websites: lirax.org, “LIRAX TM”, and all the logotypes of products and services described in the websites are protected by copyright of by LIRAX TM, and the are marks or marks registered by LIRAX TM. Also the titles of all the pages, the personalized images, buttons and scripts are protected by copyright of LIRAX TM. They are marks of service LIRAX TM. The elements may not be copied, imitated, modified, changed, exchanged or used before the consent of LIRAX TM. In the quality of the merchant, a User may use the logos, HTML furnished by LIRAX TM through the selling instruments, and affiliate programs of LIRAX TM without any prevent consent, written because of the scope to identification yourself into an own Account as the merchant who accepts payments through the Service. Furthermore, LIRAX TM may limit or to revoke the authorization in any moment and for any motive by own discretion. A User is disallowed to any of succeed operations: to alter, modify, change, exchange in HTML, PHP, or other code, to use code in a harmful manner. All the rights, titles and interests on the website LIRAX TM and it’s contents is an exclusive proprietorship of LIRAX TM and its clients.

2. Licences conceded from a User’s part.
a)Intellectual proprietorship of a User’s company: a User admits to the LIRAX TM group the right to use and to outreach globally company name, commercial marks and places of the company on the site LIRAX TM, on the applications mobile and the desktop for a showing of information about the activity, own products and services.

b)User’s contents: when a User furnish or input content (for publication online and offline) using the services, recognizes to the society of LIRAX TM group, valid around the world, irrevocable, without tariffs, to exercise all the rights and copyrights, advertisement, marks and database.

c. Multimedia video and materials inside the project LrxCulture: on the Platform, it is possible to share the contents inedited created by students in their own school or University adherent to telecommunication circuit Lirax. The accession of an educational institution and/or of a single student to the Platform LRXCulture, together with sharing for the publishing of contents, concede to LIRAX TM, a global licence, not exclusive, free of royalty, transferable. The contents may not violate the right of third sides and because every author-student remain responsible for eventual violations by laws. Contents, the proprietorship remains always by the own author.

13.11 Authorization to third sides.

a. Authorization in general. A User may concede to third subjects, to revoke and to manage authorizations for executing determined actions on your own name. In some cases, it’s possible to sign into an Account, or directly through the thirds in question. A User recognizes, that conceding to a third side authorization to manage by his name, LIRAX TM will notify this third side about information determined and an Account’s data of a User’s Account LIRAX TM.
b. Use of services by third sides authorized for access to an Account’s data.

If a User agrees:
1.to a Service furnisher authorized by the current laws, to furnish services of accountant information to sign in to the information of an Account from own name;
if a User is disagreed: to a User will responsible by LIRAX TM:
about operations when a User authorizes execution from own name;
about operations when a User authorized execution from the side od a furnisher.
In conformity with section 13.9.d (User’s responsibility in respect of authorizations conceded), excluding a User’s legal decrees obliged and as described in section 12 (not authorized errors and transactions);
Use of services of third sides authorized for transfer payment.

The present Terms of use (including without limitations, the sections from 4.1 and the section 4.10) will continue to be valid for a User and the payment transferred by furnisher PIS and a User will responsible to LIRAX TM:
a. about the operations which a User authorizes execution from his name, from the part of furnisher PIS; and
b) in conformity with section 13.11.d (An User’ responsibility in respect of authorization conceded);
c. excluding legal rights obliged and described on the section 12 (Unauthorized errors and transactions);
d. a User responsibility, in respect of authorizations conceded.

The concession of authorization to some third side and with some modality is not avoiding a User from the responsibility in conformity of Terms of use.

13.12 LIRAX TM as an access method (Log in into LIRAX TM).

If a User chooses to use LIRAX TM as an access method to the external websites or applications for mobile devices, LIRAX TM will be able to share the state of a User’s access with possible third sides who offer this Service. Furthermore, to the personal data and to different data of an Account that a User accepts to share in a manner that third sides will recognize him. LIRAX TM does not concede to the third side an Account’s access of a LIRAX TM User and will execute the payments from a User’s Account in LRX.
In case if offering this Service in quality as a method’s access into an own website, applications or for all the activity related to the clients’ accounts, it’s necessary to accept all the specific applicable terms, when this functionality is available to satisfy eventual specifications included in guidelines or manuals of integration. LIRAX TM by its nature, ensure about a User’s identity, but not provide about prohibited use of hacking into an Account’s access or different methods to false authorization. LIRAX TM does not share a User’s data.

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