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The Ethical Lirax Eco-System

A safe and closed environment for the development of European and worldwide companies. Technological and social innovation at the service of citizens, businesses, and institutions.

The Ethical System

LIRAX’s ethical eco-system acts as a cashless payment transaction. Entrances and exits of the participants are recorded thanks to the blockchain in our platform. The participants in the Ethical system belong to the EURO market (or closely connected to it, like a lot of African countries). In this way, the LIRAX system permanently strengthens the essential foundation of the economy, SMEs. Being part of the LIRAX circuit takes you to a continually growing economic group, where you can find more customers, more turnover, and more profit … Also, private individuals will have access to infinite opportunities for saving and enhancing skills and their time!

The LIRAX credit concept

The Lirax Platform creates LRX assets (Blockchain suffix for Lirax) through its Blockchain technology. In the Lirax system, we have the function of generating digital money, similar to that issued by a Central Institute, which, however, does not entail credit or re-financing costs for us. For our users, this means that they receive, from us, LRX credits or loans at particularly zero interest rates, limited at most by a single overhead.

1 LRX = 1 EUR

For members of the Lirax circuit, each LRX credit is equivalent to 1 Euro. In this situation, at the entrance of physical or online stores, in hotels, places of worship, recreational or artistic, you will find the LIRAX logo, indicating the possibility of paying – for specific products/services – also with LRX. The accepted LRX is variable from a merchant to merchant, from a minimum of 10% to a maximum of 100%.

A digital world of new opportunities

Having an SME or simply because you have decided to join our Project, as Lirax users, you have practical digital and analog tools, to develop new business relationships and take care of those existing on our network. The trust in each user depends on the Lirax Identity System, and thanks to the Blockchain System integrated inside us. Moreover, every SME can sell its products using our supply chain system; in this way, TRUST is part of YOU.

T8S for SMEs

The T8S portal serves as an axis and basis for your turnover in LRX. Thanks to these simple and powerful tools, where among other things, you can find a list of our participants, you will have the opportunity to access a search engine, a market, a shop, and a showcase for your company. Thanks to our API, paying and cashing with LRX has never been easier.

In Lirax, we have the vision of a system based on trust! Trust believes in ourselves is one of the essential building blocks of every successful activity, which we can REALIZE together.

Within our circuit, exchanges between participants, not just businesses,
they promote the economic development of the whole system.
Joining is simple and practical, with ever more significant real benefits, both for you and for the community in which you live.

To date, the ethical ecosystem of Lirax embraces three crucial sectors: B2B, B2C, and B4A.


Business to Business.
A direct way in which professionals, micro-enterprises, and SMEs can quickly start exchanges of goods and services between them, only by using the LRX. An additional liquidity channel at 0 costs, in which to expand your network and network.


Business to Consumers. It is possible to sell goods and services directly to consumers, according to % of LRX acceptance, chosen by each company. The circuit is virtuous, due that the LRXs available, are shared to citizens/consumers directly from the Institutions affiliated to us.


Business for Aid.
Thanks to the Lirax Ethical circuit, it will be possible to donate LRX directly from companies or institutions, to needy subjects, such as associations, foundations, non-profit bodies, or structures of worship. In turn, they will be able to spend them within the circuit.

Registration in Lirax

Iscrizione a titolo gratuito partendo da qui. Possono registrarsi online 3 tipologie di utenti: 1) le aziende, soggetti con partita IVA; 2) i privati: e 3) le associazioni, enti di volontariato e strutture religiose.

Prove your identity

After the first access to Lirax, you have to complete the KYC (Correct user identification) section. Your data, including a color front photograph of you, and a document certifying your identity or that of the structure you represent, will be provided for internal use only.

Use T8S > Private User

From 11 May 2020, the green “Shop” button will bring you to the T8S ethical area. If you are a private user, you can click “Request LRX” to receive your initial amount of LRX from Lirax – based on agreements with municipalities, institutions and affiliated companies – to be spent immediately. Then monthly, they will be paid automatically for free, as our contribution to your everyday life. Lirax believes in teamwork!

Use T8S > Companies

As a company, you will be able to open your online store, upload your products, and set the % of LRX that you are willing to accept the different transactions. The % differs from 10% to 100%. We invite you to do not set up it to an excessively high value, as you have to evaluate any taxes or costs, aimed at external subjects our circuit.

Buy & Sell on T8S

Navigate safely in our shop as you are used to. Select the items that interest you, check the % of LRX accepted, and then simply complete the order. Our ethical platform will automatically proceed with the payment, first reducing your Ethical account, and then debiting the current currency instrument chosen by you for the balance. The trader will then receive your LRX used for the transaction on his Ethical account, while on his bank or where he has indicated the difference in Euros. As a buyer, you will have saved real Euros, to be used for other purchases or for your savings! Lirax is practical support to the market and citizens!

We like to consider our project as the natural evolution of the thinking of many illustrious economists, as well as ordinary people. They have found in the world of complementary currencies a valid response to the market liquidity crisis. At Lirax, we believe that everyone must have the right to live rightly, and everyone must contribute to the good of their society. The Lirax Project and the Ethical Circuit launched thanks to the Blockchain can really lead to the change of the world as we know it. Altogether, we work and collaborate for the common good, ethically, and worthily.

Thanks for taking the time. To join Lirax, simply register here. See you soon!

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