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The meaning of Digital Identity

The meaning of Digital Identity

We rarely recognize and acknowledge some of the most basic things that exist in the life such as the ground beneath us. The reason why sometimes we tend to forget the most basic things is because we take them for granted. Our identity is the most basic element that we should not forget at any moment. Look at it this way, a person cannot exist without an identity and this means that having an identity is the most important factor.

For us to recognize the beginning of our world, then identity plays a key role the only problem is that it is unappreciated. Businesses are currently shifting online and have no choice but to start learning about digital identities. What is digital identity? Why is online identity important and how can businesses use digital identity as leverage.

The concept of digital identity on the web is not different from the one that we see in the real world. The only difference is with design and implementation. 

The definition of Identity

What would be the most basic definition of identity? Identity can simply be defined as characteristics that define a person that can be used to identify a person. A good example would be with regards to the issue of passport. Immigration officers in a foreign country can ask you to ascertain your identity by producing your passport.

Digital Identity Definition 

Now when we come to the web or online, the situation is also the same. Digital identity is a digital representation of information known about a group or organization. These attributes could be things such as age, gender, name, address and so on. The attributes would also differ especially if it is for an organization.

There is a thin line between digital identity and online identity. Digital identity can be said to be a digital version of a person’s real identity while online identity can be said to be the profile that someone would create on social media.

Is Digital Identity issued?

If you were to look around there is no where that you would find people registering themselves in order to find digital identity. No one controls the internet so we would expect that there is not digital identity but we expect that in the near future this will come to fruition.  That is why we have websites allowing people to register themselves and create digital identities though this can only be used on that particular website. 

This is the reason why we do not have a person logging into his proton mail account using his Gmail profile. Such as situation would be like a person holding multiple passports.  The question that would ask at this moment is, where does digital identity rest?

Where does digital identity rest?

When we come to the real world, identity can only be proved by things such as passports or identity cards. That means that in the real world one has to produce a physical document but what of the digital world? Let us not forget that the world is advancing in the steps that it is making towards becoming digital. We now have digital passports and social security number.

Now where does online identity rest?  One thing that is certain is the fact that digital identities help computer systems. They also help in supporting network systems to verify if the customer actually exists or not. Most online identities are normally stored by the identity providers or issuing domains. 

From the side of business, digital identities are created when the consumer or customer would want an identity when transacting online or during a transaction that is taking place. When a good amount of information is given by the consumer then the business will better understand them.

Importance of digital identity for businesses 

Digital identities are crucial for businesses. Technology has advanced in the world today that we now have ecommerce websites that consumers can be able to purchase goods online. There have been possibilities that have been created with such innovations hence the importance of online identities that can be able to facilitate the party doing the transaction. 

The digital Identity is evolving  

No interaction or transaction is possible without a digital identity and this makes brings out the importance of digital identities for businesses. This tool can be used to push the business to the next level or even to scale higher. 

Digital identity helps businesses to understand their customers well and helps them to make informed decisions. This helps businesses to build a long lasting relationship with the customers. Online identity can be said to be a facilitator just like using a passport when visiting different countries. 

What is the future of Digital Identity?

It is now clear that we have a bright future for digital identity. We know that when things will be fully exploited then we can expect a big business in the digital identity realm. We are sure that we are expecting a progressive development of how things will be.

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