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Culture and Technology merged to generate more value for our customers in sustainable growth. 

Living up to Expectations through Technology

Through innovation, we continue to create technologies and products that help solve social issues.

Alessandro Civati

President & Group CEO

The message from the President & CEO

As President & CEO of LIRAX.org, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your continued interest and support. In FY2019, we at LIRAX.org worked as a unified group to accomplish three critical objectives: developing structural reforms, moving to our next-generation IT system, and designing our medium-term business plan. Specifically, we made steady progress in shifting R&D personnel, defining the three leading countries of our growth strategy, and performing the acquisition of strategic companies in the Blockchain and AI development. These points are the best way for us to secure a stable revenue base and move forward.

Our new 5–Year Business Plan: Transitioning to the Next Generation of Internet Services

In FY2020, we are launching our 5–Year Business Plan: Transitioning to the Next Generation of Internet Services.

Under our new business plan, we will implement forward-looking structural reforms focused on three interconnected areas: business structure, finance structure, and corporate foundations. This will enable us to meet our customers’ new needs and transition to the next generation of our services.

To carry out Lirax Business Plan, we will fully draw on our customer base, trustworthiness, Internet functions, and other key strengths, as well as our capabilities in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity areas such as research and consulting and social assistance. At the same time, we will proactively engage in digital transformation and open collaboration with other organizations (Lirax Allied). With these efforts, we will go beyond the conventional boundaries of the Internet and create new value incorporating both technological and non–technological products and services to forge new partnerships with our customers.

From FY2020 through FY2021, we will fully implement our marketing reforms, consolidating our presence in three continents for the next generation of Lirax services. In FY2022 and FY2023, we will aim to achieve the effects of our structural reforms and accelerate further growth.

We appreciate your continued support as the whole LIRAX.org aims to improve our corporate value through these initiatives.

Alessandro Civati
President & Group CEO

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