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Lirax Partners

Lirax Partners is a Lirax program for IT companies, web professionals, professional trainers and other consultants who work with the Internet and with Blockchain.

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Become a "Lirax Partner"

Instructions for your registration

Step 1

  • Go to our website https://lirax.org
  • Click on “LOGIN” (top right)

Step 2

  • If you do not have an active account on Lirax, click on “Sign up” (the first link below the login area)

Step 3

  • Select “Company/Association”

Step 4

  • Enter the Authentication Code – If you do not have it, we ask you to contact our Help Desk. Subject of the message: AUTH CODE request. In the message you will also have to enter your data, including the geographical area you wish to work on.
  • Enter your details in the fields. Please note that the data must be accurate and in accordance with your company header – Lirax is a “KYC Based” Blockchain Platform. This means that if your identity details are not in compliance you will NOT be able to receive the profits of your work with us.

Step 5

  • Enter the “username” you received in the confirmation email and the password you entered in Step 4).

Step 6

  • Click on your Name (top right)
  • Select “Update KYC”

Step 7

  • Enter the required fields. In the “Legal Person Information” upload the copy of the “front / back” document of the legal representative will be loaded, while in the “Company Information” upload the Chamber of Commerce and / or the VAT number certificate (if not registered with the company) will be loaded and / or the deed of incorporation (if an association is not registered with the Company House).

Step 8

  • Bank details are not mandatory. It is important to consider that for the AML, if you need to receive sums of money due to your activity on Lirax, this field will have to be filled out.
  • Press “Validate & Submit”

Step 9

  • Wait for the verification process. Within 7 days (the  average time is two days right now) the data you entered will be verified.
  • If the information is compliant the account will be activated and you will have access to the platform.

Reference Pages

Having a Certified Logo means that Lirax recognizes your company as its partner in your local area

Within the Lirax world there are different sectors with different skills. Here we present them and show the different distinctive elements.

The ABC of how you can register, proceed with the application to join the Lirax Program, and activate your Blockchain ID.

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