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The reason why data integrity is important for your business

The reason why data integrity is important for your business

It would be a lie to say that we are not bombarded by issues concerning data each and every day. The only place where this information is important is in the business. But who should care about data? Most people do not know the role that data plays in order for a business or company to be successful. 

When you are working in a company, then it is your duty to take care of your data. If your business stores data, then you have the responsibility to ensure data integrity. If your company is going to thrive, then you must appreciate the data. 

What is data?

This is a random question that multiple people would give different answers but a simple way is that they are statistics and facts that are collected for reference or analysis. The next question would be why is data integrity so important?

The importance of Data Integrity

Ensuring that data is reliable and accurate is one an important factor that should be considered. It is common knowledge that there are decisions that are always made in the company or in a department that will shape the future of the company for a better course or destroy it. There are areas in the company where critical decisions are made based on data.

Business Performance Measurement 

To measure the success of a business, then the business performance of a company is one important aspect to look for and helps the business remain competitive. 

A good example to track this would be through to know how much of a company’s product was sold in the previous year or the previous quarter. The performance also tracks the competition in the area. Based on this kind of data, a decision can be made on how to increase market presence. 

Customer satisfaction management 

There is no company in the world that would not be happy about its customer or partner satisfaction.  Data should always be recorded and analyzed to ensure that the expectation of the customer is met or even exceeded. 

Resource utilization 

It is important to have the correct resources in the correct locations at the right time. This will create a competitive advantage.

How to manage your data integrity effectively

Data integrity is important and it is important to manage it effectively. There are many channels by which such data can be collected.

Through the company website

Data can easily be collected from a company’s website through page visits or contact us section or even blog comment section and at a product and service section. 

Back-end database

Database will always be behind the scenes always. It is also worth noting that front-end applications such as ERP are connected to databases. When data collected in the front-end, it is stored at the back-end database. At the back-end, data is extracted and then analyzed. 

Customer relationship management system

CRM systems are software’s that manage relationship and interactions between the business and the customers or partners. It is capable of aligning marketing, sales and relationships with current customers. 

Enterprise resource planning

An ERP system integrates several facets of the company including product and project planning. Data can be collected manually or through an automated way such as data entry. 

Common Data Integrity Challenges 

A clean, reliable, consistent and correct information is the best dream that can happen to a data-driven company. This is the biggest asset that an organization can have and to pass through this a company has to pass through many obstacles. The following are some challenges that a company should worry about:

Manual data transfers: – There are possibilities of errors as long as it is done manually through the human hands. When you look at things or analyze them well, you will find that most data integrity issues are caused by manual data pulls. 

Multiple sources of data: – Information is always streaming in from different or multiple sources. 

Multiple BI tools: – Most companies have many analyzing tools that sometimes end up having overlapping functionalities.

Disorganized data workflow: – This is something that should not be left and must be addressed quickly. Companies must have a standardized workflow for data collection and processing. 

Sometimes it can be really difficult task identifying the data breaches that occur and can sometimes go for several months without notice. The data can sometimes be found through 3rd party organizations such as national security organizations. 

It then goes without saying that identifying corruption and modification cases on data can be difficult sometimes. A case where the data stays in its original format, the changes in it can be less obvious than theft. 

Businesses must worry about data integrity at all times and in all places such as in applications and databases. This is the reason why organizations are coming up that are dealing with the issues concerning cybersecurity. 

Data integrity has become a major issue both in the private and political space with the latest being the case of Russia tampering with the 2016 US elections. Cybersecurity practices such as file encryption should be put in place to ensure that data is well protected. Cybersecurity is the likely answer to data integrity breaches that has affected many organizations in the world today.

To restore public confidence on data integrity, different stakeholders should come together to work together and have policies in place that data will be protected online.

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