Why technology is important for our everyday life

Why technology is important for our everyday life

There is no reason to doubt that innovations and technologies are changing the world. A lot of things in the past looked like visions yet they are now a reality. One cannot doubt the fact that we are surrounded by technology each and every single day.

Everything done in the world is about technology. We use technology to clean our clothes and houses, to exchange information and move from one place to another. Things such as furniture have been taken granted for a long time as compared to the attention that is given to autonomous cars. (Self-driving cars)

As things are beginning to shape up, we can finally realize that we are so dependent on technology that we cannot do without them. We keep in touch with people who are away from us through technology. We cannot separate from technology that is why it is an absolute necessity to us. The fact that technology is an important aspect in our lives has made scientists to make adjustments and improvements to technology. It is indeed clear that technology is not only helping the present but also the future. 

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It is a fact that modern technology has become part of our life that the world would be different if things were to change. Look at how much technology we use today (cell phones, WiFi etc), it used to be a luxury in the past. This has changed today and technology is viewed as a necessity for everyone. In as much as this may be true in certain areas, there are areas that technology has not yet hit and would take time to reach. Items such as computers are now necessities that people are having and in fact children have access to some of them as part of their educational curriculum.

Today it seems somehow difficult to even get a job without an access to a computer. Majority of the job ads are in these day and age placed on the internet and those who cannot access the internet are less privileged. 

How does technology impact our daily lives? 

  1. Improved communication

The ever advancing technology has led to new and improved methods of communication such as social media websites, video conferences and emails. These improved technologies have helped shaped and create new forms of communication hence eliminating distance and time.

This has improved businesses, personal relationships and education. It has also improved the cultural education and has given the children an opportunity to communicate with other children from other countries. Whereas all these are taking place, one needs to find the right balance between the real world and the cyber world. 

Technological advancement may look incredible in the world today but we should also not forget of the physical people around us. Communicating through social media sites can be enjoyable and fun but a lot of precautions should also be takes amidst all these circumstances. 

  1. Improved Home Entertainment

In the past ages, our entertainment experiences only existed in memory something that we could recall and remained memorable just when it happened. This changed due to the fact that we have social networks and mobile connectivity. 

We all know that there was a switch from the old videotapes to the current DVDs and CDs. And it can be seen that a lot of data can be stored in the CD/DVD medium as compared to the old methods of storage. 

More advanced are things that we now have the introduction of LCD TVs. When you do a comparison of today’s technology and that of the past, you will realize that the former TV sets were of poor quality compared to the once that we have today. 

  1. Improved Lifestyle and Housing 

Modern technology has really impacted and improved lifestyle and housing. Most of the things in the homes today are automated and this makes things easier and faster to do. We have reached a point and period in life that we have things such as automated door locks and security cameras. 

Shopping has today been made easier that people can shop online and the good be delivered at their door step rather than spending a lot of time in the supermarkets. 

  1. Convenience in Education

The education sector has not been left behind and is of no exception. Technology has shaped and improved education in the world. Access to education has improved due to the fact that people can be able to get access to huge amounts of information online such as getting books, videos and audios. 

Modern technology has been made so simple that people can learn when they are in any part of the world. This has made work easier for students who can be able to use iPads to share notes or lessons. 

  1. Changed Health Industry

If there is one thing that is behind the new and improved healthcare then it is technology and we can see how it is pushing it to greater heights. Most hospitals today use modern technology and this has helped to reduce mistakes that have been made by doctors. 

Technology has also made it possible for doctor to be able to communicate to their colleagues who are in other parts of the world. This has been made possible through the use of emails and video conferences. 

How would we exist in the world today if we did not have such advanced technologies? 

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